SLFP admits party split as some back the UNP

dullas-alahapperumaThe Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) today admitted that there is a split in the party as some members are now supporting the United National Party (UNP).

SLFP member and United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian Dullas Alahapperuma said that those who are supporting former President Mahinda Rajapaksa are not attempting to divide the SLFP.

However he noted that there are now several SLFP-UNPers in the Government as they are backing UNP policies.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo today, Alahapperuma said that a mass rally held in Matara last week was not held with the intention of creating a split in the SLFP.

He said that the purpose of the rally was to draw attention on the Government and ensure it is defeated at the next election.

He also questioned as to why some media had not reported on the Matara rally and also accused the Government of attempting to disrupt the rally through various means.

Dullas Alahapperuma also accused former President Chandrika Kumaratunga of attempting to split the SLFP and UPFA.

He said that her actions in recent times have made clear she will do anything to ensure the SLFP is destroyed despite being an SLFP member herself.

The UPFA MP, meanwhile said that the joint opposition will push for the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to be debated in Parliament soon.

He said that if any opposition member who signed the no-confidence motion decides at the last moment to vote against it or abstain, then that would be one of the greatest betrayals they would be committing in Sri Lanka’s recent political history. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. when CBK around corner every ones pissing on pants. even NODOkings ,Their servents and most interestingly some commentatores too.

  2. last 10 years ,make enough money for rest of life your party politicians and just get-out and go now, people are not worry your party divided in to even ten group, what will happen if former president death? people going to ask his wife needs to be next president ?

  3. Splitting not enough we want to dump SLFP out of politics ugly ^ outdated party will only pull the country down to disgrace

  4. Troika’s (CBK+RW+MS) aim was to get rid of MR by hook or by crook with foreign backing. That succeeded.
    MR failed to use wisely and responsibly, people’s mandate given to him as a reward for ending the war ( which never would have happened under CBK or RW ) in 2010. MR also tried to groom Namal R as future leader by seeking a 3rd term. RW has become the PM from back door and trying to control MS. MS accepted the role of cat paw and trying to prevent MR becoming PM by any means. UNP govt is continuing corrupt practise to the same level as before. Cost of Northern Expressway ( about $ 21 Million per 1 km) as announce by Finance Minister proves the level of latest corruption. The cost should be about $ 10 million maximum!.
    People should use the vote wisely !

  5. The need of the hour is to distinguish the good politicians from the bad, and for the electorate to elect the best and vote for them, so that Sri Lanka would have a clean Parliament in 2015, without corruption to ahead with a progressive agenda for the country, for ushering peace among all communities and future prosperity.

    • That can’t be worse than wnat MR did in ten years! Empty the state coffers!
      And this Dulles guy, isn’t even an elected man.He came through the back door, Nominated after losing the seat! This is the curse of the ‘Manape’ system!

    • Well said Dickie Bird… CBK is worse than a curse she should be kicked out of this planet.

    • Dickie – You are right in a way as she did not plan the regime change properly with the rest of the troika and subsequent hassles are due to ill planning . All the
      senior Govt. bureaucrats, including the Army, Navy, and Police officials including the FCID,spend sleepless nights not knowing what will happen to them, next if there is a change of Govt,, while the current Govt.. is playing hide and seek games, like children

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