Lanka purchased over USD 2.2 billion worth arms

weapons armsThe total value of arms purchased by Sri Lanka in the last couple of years was USD 2.2 billion, according to data collected by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

The report said that that Russia, including the former Soviet nations, is the biggest source of arms for China and India – the two Asian giants.

China, in turn, is the largest source of arms and ammunition for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The US, too, has played a significant role in arming Pakistan and India, while Israel had buyers in India and Sri Lanka.

While the total value of arms purchased by Sri Lanka in the last couple of years is USD 2.2 billion, Bangladesh has purchased arms worth USD 4.5 billion, Myanmar USD 5.4 billion, Pakistan USD 34 billion, China USD 74.2 billion and India acquired arms worth USD 113 billion. Values – calculated on the basis of constant (1990) prices – are what SIPRI calls trend-indicator value that is not the sales price, but is useful for comparing arms transfer.

SIPRI has also identified the top five arms suppliers for India and its neighbours.

In the last few years, Sri Lanka – the tiny island nation – had purchased arms worth USD 0.7 billion from China, USD 0.5 billion from Israel, USD 0.2 billion from Ukraine, USD 0.2 billion from Russia, USD 0.2 billion from the US and USD 0.4 billion from other countries. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is very unfortunate to note that majority people of the country have forgotten the reasons of this purchase. First of all who started the war/ terrorism? It was the responsibility of the government to maintain peace, lawlessness & security. Thanks to previous administration, they managed it with $ 2 billions. Current administration has wasted lot more money on scams within last few months. Future seems to be uncertain & whoever come to power in future ,will be forced to spend lot more as current government so weak.

  2. $ 2.2 Billion US was spent to elevate symptom not the root cause which is yet to be resolved – The Tamil National question.

  3. Worth spending this money for our security as we enjoy the freedom after Tamil Tiger Terrorist defeat by previous government. Also it is the lowest among countries in the region.

  4. Credit goes to Rajapaksa who stopped the war; otherwise Sri Lanka will be still spending billions for the war. Countries who manufacture weapons need the war somewhere in the world to sell their arms. These countries either ignite war OR destroy anyone who wants to finish war.

    • If you are so sure , why don’t you go to courts? You must be one of those 1500 recruits of Jadapalanaya who are paid Rs 1600 of the public money per day to respond critics of the Jadapalana. National security matter for us. but not for you or the defeated terrorists.

      • The body of article says SL spent $2billion in the last few years. Where as the headline say in the last two years. Which ever the case the military spending and consistantly upgaring the countries military capability is a must to protect our freedoms and way of life. Special thanks for Mahinda administration for making this possible.

    • This is definitely the best comment out of all .The other comments have some truths in them this one without a shadow of any doubt 100% TRUTH

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