UNP says MR seems scared for Namal’s future

MR President MahindaThe United National Party (UNP) says former President Mahinda Rajapaksa seems scared for the political future of his son Namal Rajapaksa.

UNP Parliamentarian and Minister Rosy Senanayake said that Mahinda Rajapaksa had gone to the venue of a rally held in his support at Matara yesterday but did not get on stage.

Senanayake said that Mahinda Rajapaksa was avoiding getting on stage out of fear his son will not get nominations to contest the polls from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

There is a split in the SLFP on if Rajapaksa should be given nominations for the next Parliament election.

Rajapaksa and Namal are both SLFP members but the split has seen some SLFP top guns proposing that Mahinda Rajapaksa not be given nominations from the SLFP to contest the next Parliament election.


  1. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa screwed himself and the country, still he has no remorse. Still he places his own interests first. The West loves this, trust me the West is too smart for Mahinda 😉

  2. Rosi has forgotton that the freedom she excersice in Colombo from bombs due to MR.I left SL because i could not get on with the daily work due to bombs, security barriers, etc. You can forget the past for political convenience but your paty’s claims are not proved sgainst MR. Actually you and you party should be worried to get elected after all MR have won many elections and went before the voter like a man and your leader needed a support from the west and never wanted to come face to face cotest with MR. If you are yahapalanaya pray explain how Ranil becomes PM in a minority government on a presdential election result. Why not have one election for both parliament and Presidential and tell the voter president and parliament is sorted in one go. The history will note MR as the head of state that ended 33 years of terror in SL. Rest of you will not feature even in a footnote.

  3. If MR is a spent force now why talk about him? The more one criticizes MR, his rule and his family the more it shows that he is a real threat to the UNP and Sirisena politically because of the utter failure of this regime and lame duck govt: Popularity of MR now is the same or more after Jan’8th and that of the UNP and Sirisena is declining fast.

  4. Compared to MR regime, food prices are rising at rapid pace inculding that Koththamalli…. Burrowings are up by 23% with mercurial Governor……….
    $$ can not bought at even Rs. 135/=

    China & Russia have cracked the code on Snowden’s crypt and their operatives exposed & running helter skelter…………
    All that Yahapalanaya could do is criticise MR & speak of Namal
    Is this a curse of CBK’s return & the homosexual agenda?
    Its time Ranil put aside his pompous and went to MR and discuss to form a national Govt with a (10) year plan for the sake of the country.
    Only if MR is in the saddle China will loosen their wise grip on debt will be loosened and provide more favourable loans for a stable Sri Lanka OR Sira & Ranil handover the country to the Diaspora by burrowing from them.
    Sira is attempting to reduse his powers as he is clueless with no International clout.

  5. Not only Rajapaksa, everyone is scared about the country’s future as shameless Yahapalana Bunch is putting Sri Lanka on sale.

    • Tony you seem to have been blinded by the Rajapakse family and all the corruption.. Now they stole everything from the people and are the real culprits. Please disappear and hope the family is brought to justice!!!

  6. Everybody from UNP, MS groups Champika & JVP seems to be making comments about MR..its obvious the power MR gaining day by day, people have realised the lies that brought down MR regime. It is really amazing the scale of development occurred in last 5 years after the war. some projects almost up to the standard we see here in Australia.

    • It’s a pity that you cannot see from your safe haven in Australia, the devastation the Rajapakse regime inflicted on the people of Sri Lanka. We may have the Australian style infrastructure paid for by loans that’ll take generations to pay, but without the trade needing them. Events unfolding show that these projects had inflated prices with kickbacks amounting to US$Millions to the then government politicians..

      • international lending banks have experience professional financial executives, accountants who look into details of projects before approving loans. They give loan in portions monitoring the progress of the projects in different stages. If there is no expected development to the economy from the project they won’t approve it as there is a risk in getting the loan repayments. They will not continue with the loan if there is corruptions and the borrower is not completed the amount of work at each stage. This is international law. If anybody have any doubt give a research on internet, make sure to relay on reliable sites as anybody can post things on internet. The Airport and harbor in South will definitely attract more business to this region in future and there will be increase in tourism when direct flights available to internationally popular tourism destination, the Southern Region.

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