Rudra questions GTF, Government talks

RudraHead of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) V Rudrakumaran says there is nothing new about political entities becoming involved in official or unofficial talks pertaining to the Tamil National Question as well as the urgent and immediate needs of the Tamil people.

Rudrakumaran told the Colombo Gazette that as a legal advisor to the LTTE, he has taken part in many rounds of talks in the past and he is also well aware of the duplicitous drama staged by the Government of Sri Lanka during such talks.

“When launching into talks of this kind, it is not only the subject matter of the talks that should be taken into account but also the timing of the talks, the motives of the parties to the talks, and who will gain more from entering into such talks. Whoever engages in talks on behalf of the Tamils should only speak from the perspective of Tamil interest,” he said.

Rudrakumaran also said that a number of questions and concerns come to the surface in relation to talks held this week between the Government and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), including that the timing of the talks coincide with the expression of support by the international community to the efforts taken by Sri Lankan Government to convert the international investigation started by the UNHRC into a domestic investigation with “international involvement”.

He says the UN appears to have allocated initial funding for this as well and the recent talks are being used to create the impression that the domestic investigation was setup with the support of the Tamils.

“When the parties to the talks are hiding even the identity of the participants from the international community at the talks, one begins to doubt the truthfulness of their assertion about what was discussed there,” he said.

He also noted that with respect to people’s urgent and immediate needs, there are plenty of issues to be discussed at home where the Tamil representatives are. Their attempts instead to talk with the diaspora raises the question whether this is in fact an exercise to weaken the campaign for rights by the Tamil diaspora.

“ The present government is to be a short lived one with parliamentary elections likely to happen soon. Nothing much will eventuate in terms of long term outcomes for Tamils with this interim government structure. Therefore, the urgency surrounding these talks brings up questions whether the talks are genuinely in the interest of the Tamils,” he added.

Rudrakumaran said that doubts have also been expressed as to whether the decision to hold these talks came as official positions of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the GTF or indeed it was based on decisions of the individuals who participated in the talks.

“Therefore, we call upon the TNA and GTF to tell the Tamil people their official position with regards to these talks. If they were official talks, they are obliged to inform the Tamil people the rationale for the “talks” and the matters discussed in the form of an official report,” he said.

Rudrakumaran also said that the Government did not invite the TGTE to talks. He said that since the TGTE’s position with respect to the Tamil National question includes the holding of a referendum that includes the creation of an independent state as an option; referral of Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court for the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, and the establishment of an international mechanism to enable the Tamil diaspora to contribute to the development of Tamil homeland, the Government cannot realize their political motivation by engaging talks with the TGTE and this may be the reason why the TGTE was not invited. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. India created handful of Tamil armed groups, but the West created too many Diaspora Tamil groups to achieve its own interests. Tamil leaders are not smart as the Western and Indian leaders. The West and India have been dividing the Tamil leaders and using them, but the Tamil leaders are not smart enough to use the West or India. Tamils who took arms became terrorists, eliminated more leaders than Al-Qaeda. Tamils would go with anyone to achieve their foolish goals. First they went with India, and took up arms against their own countrymen, then they went with the West and turned against the Indians. Sinhalese have no idea what is coming. Trust me, the West knows about the Tamils and their leaders very well. The West has every intention to use the Tamils leaders in Sri Lanka to control the Indian Ocean. Therefore, Sinhalese should not ever think that they are going to live happily ever after since May 2009. The West will use the Tamils leaders to commit greater harm to Sinhalese as a tit for tat. Tamil leaders are fooled by the foreign powers. Still the Tamil politicians are under the grip of New Delhi, and the diaspora leaders are under the grip of the Western powers. Therefore, Tamil leaders will not make any good decision for Tamils or Sinhalese. Therefore, I believe that the worse is yet to come.

  2. This is a ploy by the govt. to get the Tamils not to
    pressure UN to release the war crime report in the
    original form. This could be done only through the
    diaspora, who never suffered the effects of the war
    and day to day hardships experienced by the people
    of N/E and the involvement of TNA in discussions is very regrettable as people and some of the constituent parties were not consulted. What is the reason behind secrecy in the meeting with the diaspora, as if they only have the solution for the Tamils.This is not the
    1st time TNA leader took unilateral decision and people
    are behind Suresh Premachandran on this issue.

    Removal of troops in excess in N/E, recent drug menace, contamination of water in the wells, law-
    lessness, large scale unemployment ,harassment
    of people by armed local militias of certain party,
    assistance to people who got their lands back and
    return of fertile lands cultivated by the army despite
    govt.. orders to quit are some of the priorities TNA should look into rather than taking part in forums conducted by diaspora.
    TNA has eminent lawyers and it will be considered
    a bluff if TNA claims that they are not aware of the designs of the govt. Diaspora help is the last but the
    least expected by the people.

  3. GTF forum is functions as represtantitive of Tamil speaking in globally. Tamils in Sri Lanka of GFT that pursuit demands of Justice for homeland deal with that seeking partly of sovereignty land for belongs to majority nation in island. Is that justice of fairness?
    Sri lanka is land only demand by land for Tamils homeland ,not that Tamil Nadu in India which is that
    75 Millions living In Tamil Nadu of Tamils in Indian. How is that GTF of Tamils seek homeland for the World Tamils?

    There for GTF negotiation between the Tamil respretantive of different countries Tamils and
    Sri lanka Tamils, that demand for the justice Tamils in Globally.
    But this supplement comes in a very emaciated Tamil from part of globe strategy to set up homeland Island in first phase.

    Is that Tamils emerge of general principle of humanitarian behavior of ruthless Tamil terrorist outfit base in London! by behind GTF?
    Currently Tamil dominant exile so-called terrorist institutionalism of GFT ,reduce of the most relevant issues of justice into empty, even Tamil if acknowledged to be meanng is rhetoric.
    Nor the Tamils are they agitating for a perfectly Tamil justice of homeland world community ,bur merely for elimination of some outrageously unfair , & unjust arrangement to enhance Global justice?

    This type of Tamil homeland has little room for that engagement with Sovereignty people of Sri lanka.

    GTF is outright Tamil terrorist outfit, who has been undermined principle of governance of Democracy in our Island.

  4. This damn unpatriotic idiot that has caused LTTE and the Tamil people vast damage, his credibilty is zero he is convicted legal criminal. He talks duplicitous attitude of SL Govt: in talks, looks this man is dementing the takls that he advised LTTE was made into junket overseas trips by the negotiating barber and his crew. These idiots do not have any genuine motive apart from living with other peoples money. This senile man should be put into pasture with other late LTTE goons.

  5. Bigest Tamil tiger now what you want? Need another round of war with the SL military? or begin other countries to cry for your ELAM dreams get lost.

  6. Why this TransGENDER Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is not prosecuted in Geneva for killing of both Sinhalese and Tamil people as these are the people behind the war for 30 years. Some western countries made money by selling weapons but they are the culprits.

  7. The fishermen of London’s fishy affair aim to climb a social ladder – they are all for contracts, dpl passports,
    These fishy folk from greater London’s sweat-shop- corner shops have been ardent advocates of Marxism, Leninism Communism, Maoism, Socialism, or combination of all these, yet they advocate property rights, investments, banking, ….. Which are the tools of exploitation and oppression?
    Anyway what is a south african Tamil upto in JT land when Xi is the only living Mandela.
    Or the money to be made in illegalising all forms of trawler fishing?

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