Pakistan Senate accuses India of funding the LTTE

senate-condemns-india-s-threatening-statements-1434020786-7827The Pakistan Senate has accused India of funding the LTTE during the war in Sri Lanka and that it is now attempting to bully Pakistan.

The Senate had yesterday adopted a unanimous resolution strongly condemning the recent provocative and hostile statements of Indian Leadership and threats of hot pursuit against Pakistan.

The resolution, moved by the leader of the House Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq said such crude attempts by India were unacceptable. The resolution said such attempts by India at times to bully Pakistan are unacceptable and Pakistan rejects this hegemonic mindset, the Associated Press of Pakistan reported.



Participating in the debate against statements of Indian leadership, Mushahid Hussain Sayed said India has established the foundations of cross border terrorism.

Indian had financed Tamil Tigers to destabilize Sri Lanka, he said adding that Modi has massacred 2000 Muslims in Gujrat and had no regrets over such brutality.

Pakistan should approach SAARC and other international organizations for exposing Indian leadership. India has proved that it is an irresponsible state.

Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah urged the international community to take notice of Modi’s provocative statement. India-Pakistan relations could only be established on equal footings.

He appreciated armed forces, Interior Ministry, Defense Minister’s statements for condemning India. The bullying tactics of Indian leadership were not acceptable.

Syed Tahir Hussain Mashshaddi said Pakistan was a peaceful nation.It does not have any aggressive designs against anybody. Pakistan would retaliate if its territorial integrity is threatened.

Mir Kabeer said the threatening statements should be highlighted in the world. Taj Haider said the murderers of Mahatma Ghandi have come into power in India.

Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldeni said we should put our house in order to effectively meet the challenges of India. Hafiz Hamdullah said Modi was issuing such statements to conceal his failures. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why not that Tamil terrorist breeding ground was India.
    1) During rule of Indira Gandi many Tamil-terrorist groups had been Train in armed struggle in Indian soil ,in Tamil Nadu and some part of North by Indian armed forces.

    2) Rajiva Gandi era LTTE by support of fininancil by Central Government of Indian and Tamil-nadu.
    The ruling parties of Tamil-Nadu of that DMK & ADMK provided large scale shelters, money and Arms to LTTE -Ruthless Tamil terrorist to destroy Buddhist Temples Monks and Sinhalese race Sri lanka.

    We as nation were compelled Run war 30 years, that the against LTTE until 2009 May to defeated Tamil terrorist of lost big damages life and properties to PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA.

    3) 1987 Indian Army an invaded Sri lanka.
    IPKF of Indian invasion Army remain until 1990.

    4) Now Modi -RSS Govt. want support Tamil TNA to established North Tamil separatist state by supporting give weak Republic constitutions majority Sinhalese .

    And Modi of Indian -RAW want all Sri Lankan national security forces to be withdraw from North-East.
    This is another move by supporting TNA-terrorist to re-gain Tamil terrorism in our soil. And Indian want give Police power to Tamil ruling council in North.

    5) Indian RAW ,BJP-RSS of Modi and Tamil -Nadu still backing to Tamil terrorist in Sri lanka by assistance to TNA’s anti-sovereignty and anti-democracy range of policies.

    6) Tamil of TNA, Tamil-diaspora ,LTTE support by Tamil-Nadu and Indian central Govt. still encourage and back Tamil-Terrorist politics in Island by assisting undermined nation sovereignty and Territorial Integrity by many ways.

    By and large Indian policy of support of separatism of TNA is hostile to democracy governance of Sri lanka.

    • DMK and ADMK, to retain power keep trumpeting the LTTE issue all the time. Even now its going on and lot of Tamilians in India still think LTTE was a ‘LIBERATION FORCE” and not a terrorist organisation which it is. I think, Sri Lanka must unilaterally introduce a law to punish all anti state actors, legitimate or not. At the same time Sri Lankan govt must take efforts to reconciliate with average tamil population and isolate them from the secessionists and choke their support. If India is involved, it is very unfortunate but the present Modi govt will never support such secessionist movement as we are already facing such large scale movements in India in Kashmir and we now the consequences. Regarding Pakistan blaming India, it is just to divert its internal problems which it has created by proxy terror groups against India and to get even with India’s allegations against Pakistan of sponsoring terror. Im Indian and a tamil as well..

  2. It was a known secret Tamil Tigers were trained in Tamilnadu and money was paid by other Indian sources; Except one person and it will be Mangala the Foreign Minister. He still keep friendship with the Terrorist Group for more than 20 years.

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