Mangala urges Lankan diaspora to return home

DSC_8570Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera today urged the Sri Lankan diaspora to return home to become stakeholders in Sri Lanka’s new journey towards peace, reconciliation and development.

He also urged the diaspora to stop thinking in narrow, parochial terms and call themselves Sri Lankan diaspora and not be defined on ethnic lines by labeling themselves as the Sinhala Diaspora, Tamil Diaspora or the Muslim Diaspora.

“Let there be unity in our diversity.  The new Sri Lanka we all dream of will be a celebration of our multi ethnic, multi religious, multi cultural country. We hope that they use the talent and skills they have gained over the years, to help us accelerate our development and enrich our thinking. We should strive to reverse the brain drain during the long years of conflict and ensure that Sri Lanka will now receive all the benefits of a brain gain at this crucial time of her history,” he said.

Samaraweera said this at a function held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Public Order and Christian Religious Affairs jointly handed over Dual Citizenship Certificates to recipients.

Samaraweera said that dual-citizens are in a privileged position of being a bridge – bringing Sri Lankans closer together and enabling them to travel together again.

The Foreign Minister said that the Government of President Maithripala Sirisena realizes the true value of the diaspora community and welcome all of them as Sri Lankan citizens. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is good to see your courage to express onerself without thinking about political outcome. But it is very important to think twise before we act at a time of fresh election. I agree with you 100%but still there are hungry foxes ralying around wolves to take the advantage.

  2. Sri Lanka is belong to all Sri Lankans. The problem is Tamils & Muslims don’t consider themselves as tru Sri LAnkans. Tamils & Muslim needs seperate lands where no other comunity will be allowed and also to live in Colombo at the same time. We; Singhalese always tolelerate than any other nation in the world. Can the large Tamil comunity live in UK/USA/ Canada/Australia demand to work in Tamil?
    As corectly predicted before the election, the LTTE friendly seperatist Tamil Diaspora is behind the recent change. The capt. of Kurundu Polu is pursuing teir agenda.

  3. Currently, I am in Sri Lanka and have been trying to get a job as an accountant for the last six weeks, but not successful. You think that you can make use of others’ skills, but you don’t. There are enough skills in Sri Lanka to solve the ethnic issue, but you enjoy fighting since the 1948. The current government is trying to tap into the diaspora’s wealth, skills and knowledge. But do you think that the West is going to sit and watch while you tap into their resources? The norm is the other way around, the West normally taps into the others’ resources to rule the world. The West didn’t provide education, job and citizenship to the diaspora to develop Sri Lanka or Asia. The current government is fooling itself. Wait and see how this will turned into a bloody disaster. Ranil, Mangala, and Mahishini have so much to learn. Foolish Tamils and Sinhalese never deserve to live like Singaporeans. In the history foolish leaders never led the country into prosperity, it will never happen.

  4. If you can guarantee a world class salary and a stable currency we can return.

    We have to feed our families and educate them, we love our Country but we cannot work for charity.

  5. This has clearly shown that Sinhalese are the major community and superior to other communities. We are Sinhalese Christians, not Buddhists.
    Superior in what ?
    This is the same type of rhetoric some ex pat LTTE stooges with pseudo intellect living in the West use often write as all Sinhalese as modaya’s its only show how intellectually inadequate they are.

    • Sri Lankan media doesn’t know you, but I do. Your fall is coming, the dragon will deal with you by wagging its tail.

  6. What has transpired in SL politics since January 8th
    is a NATIONAL DISGRACE and you have bees in your bonnet to expect any EXPATS will heed your call.

  7. There are so many Sinhalese who go down on their hands and knees and kiss the boots of Tamils. However you would not find ONE Tamil person pulling for Sinhalese

  8. The Govt, & TNA and should work on priorities first and after the elections , they could sit together and deal with these matters at leisure as there no hurry
    to please the diaspora now. Army occupation, drug addiction, large scale unemployment and lawlessness in the N/E are the priorities to be looked into, in the first place.. The diaspora should feed the poor in N/E and not dabble in politics. Is TNA trying to lose its identity as leaders of the Sri Lankan Tamils.

  9. Dear Mr Mangala why don’t you approached the three buddies High Cast Kandy an Radala Sil EK , A Capital GH and Karawa Cast JS from UK ,they are the most influential people in UK among many Srilankan .Take it from me Mangala Sil EK is the best brains ,then comw the A Capital GH gangster Europe/ Asia Mafia can get reed of any one without a trace ,then the last Kara Js very good back stabber.If you have this three any thing is possible.

    • Sunil, Dont know when you conned your way to the United Kingdom but you still have the caveman mentality.

      No body gives a monkey about Radala clans or Kara clans. That may be a matter of importance in sunny Sri lanka, not in this part of the world!

      Still reading Silumina old boy?


  10. I have always considered myself Sri Lankan first. Sinhala Buddhist second. I believe majority of Sinhala Buddhist feel this way. Unfortunately, majority of the Tamils and a large part of the Muslims want their own ghetto to control. Until the Tamils and the Muslims openly accept that we are one Sri Lanka, the Sinhala Buddhist is always going to be insecure about a break up of the country, myself included. Having to get a visa to travel in my own country is not something I will tolerate.

    • Tell all Sinhalese Buddhists to stop saying that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist country. It is the country for all coomunities. They all other communities will feel that Sri Lanka is our country. Tamil minority, Muslim minority remove this in the vocabulary.

      Mahinda Rajapaksa and his supporters always say that Maithree won with Tamil and Muslim votes. Are they not Sri Lankans? All voted for Maithree are Sri Lankans.Not Tamil or Muslims,

      This has clearly shown that Sinhalese are the major community and superior to other communities. We are Sinhalese Christians, not Buddhists.

      Get rid of all rubbish and call everyone as Sri Lankan. Then all communities will come together

      • Chandana, I fully agree with your sentiments. I hope and pray all Sri Lankans think and act like you.

      • I hear what you are saying Chandana, but I doubt that bringing Sinhalese and Tamils together will be that straight forward. Sinhalese-speaking Buddhists and Christians could come together, and – over the course of the next few generations – that may happen. However, ethnic Tamils – particularly northern Tamils – and many Tamil-speaking Muslims will not support the development of a new multi-ethnic national identity. These Tamil-speaking groups see themselves as a part of the Dravidian sphere. Their priorities are greater autonomy for the north and east, and more engagement with southern India. They have no intention of integrating with the Sinhalese-speaking people.

        • Rajendra,

          We all know what you coming to say, don’t be negative, you never know how our younger generation would, they different to us, lets try something before we come to a conclusion, lets say we all are Sri Lankan (Not Tamils of Sri Lanka, Muslim of Sri Lanka or ….) First lets be a Sri Lankan, Off-course we need areal Political leader, let try with what we got(my3 much better than other).

          Yes we all are Sri Lankan

    • How can there be UNITY if there is or never was EQUALITY .. the Tamils and Muslims asked to be treated like humans but your Sinhala government treat them as sub-human…and then you ask them to be loyal.
      I have always considered myself HUMAN.

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