D.M Jayaratne, Ratnasiri now advisors to President


Former Prime Ministers D M Jayaratne and Ratnasiri Wickremeratne have been appointed senior advisors to President Maithripala Sirisena.

The President’s office said that the two former Prime Ministers were appointed senior advisors on political affairs to the President. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Photo tells thousand words. It is like a police photo in the news paper when three thieves captured by police. Is this the way, Sri Lanka getting Yahapalanaya?

  2. Two more henchman to join the campaign to protect Ranil against No-Confident motion. Pathetic politics by Sirisena

  3. What type of advice MS junta want to run Govt. Affaires?
    MS is more or less violated democracy by an appoint of UNP-Ranil. W… as primer-minister of Minority Party as the leader in Parliament.

    How is MS values of fairness become sacrificed to the greed of a few UNP-Ranil, W.. CBK family nepotism, TNA, Muslim Congress ,in spite of rhetoric to the contrary ,the feeling of unjust & unfairness became a feeling of betrayal.

    These two guys of Ratnasiri and DM are lame ducks of leaders has involved many corruptions deals in previous governments.

    What type of advice they can give to MS?
    MS has betray SLFP and that crossed over to UNP last elections 2015 January ?

    MS system of democracy seems to be undermining —-a justices sense of fair play.
    When Buddhist norms of society changes by the way MS ,that so many lost moral compass, it says significant about society.

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