Controversial Lanka film shown in Irish Parliament

No Fire ZoneA controversial Sri Lanka war film was shown at the Irish Parliament yesterday with the assistance of an Irish Member of Parliament.

Paul Murphy TD (Member of Parliament for the Anti Austerity Alliance) hosted a showing of the documentary “No fire Zone; Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields in the Dáil (Irish Parliament) last afternoon.

The documentary covers the last phase of the war in Sri Lanka and highlights mass atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan state against the Tamil people in the north and east of that island.

The screening was attended by the Director of the film, Callum Macrae, (writer, journalist and co-founder of Outsider Television, UK.), Rohita Bashana Abeywardena (An exiled Sri Lankan journalist, former editor of Hiru newspaper and convenor of Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka – JDS) and Phil Millar (A journalist, author of Britain’s Dirty War Against Tamil People and an expert witness at the People’s Tribunal on Sri Lanka).

The participants also discussed the situation in Sri Lanka and the need for an independent international investigation into the war and the actions of the Sri Lankan state. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Callum Macrae was paid millions of dollars to the film, and is was meant to promote Tamil Diaspora needs. Many people in Jaffna will say the innocent Tamils killed by LTTE should also be included in the film.

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