Forceful evictions in Colombo suspended

08.05.2010-Slave_Island_eviction_1The Government has decided to suspend the forceful eviction of people and forceful land acquisition in Colombo.

A Government statement said that the Chairman of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) has been instructed to immediately stop land acquisition activities in the guise of development in the Colombo District and to stop forceful evictions and acquisitions.

The Chairman was further instructed to device a more humane mechanism in consultation with officials of the area and with the involvement of civil society.

During the previous regime, lands were acquired for various purposes by evicting people forcefully. The payment of compensation was done irregularly and in a partial manner.

The Government says it is more concerned about people’s needs and feels a more transparent and accountable system should be introduced when dealing with Government and private lands. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is a good move but move the landless/homeless to
    another locality as Colombo should be kept clean and not congested, after making sure that land grabs are not done by the elite under false reasons .

    Incidentally, has Mr. SB. Dissa handed back the house,
    he grabbed, donated by Dr. Ms Siva Sinnathabmy to the Colombo medical college. Is this building named after this great genius of Medicine or under SBD.

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