Supreme Court says Gota cannot be arrested

GotaThe Supreme Court (SC) today said that former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa cannot be arrested in respect to four incidents.

The four incidents were mentioned in a petition filed by the former Defence Secretary in the Supreme Court.

Last month the Supreme Court had issued an order against arresting Rajapaksa until a petition filed by him was heard.

Rajapaksa had filed a fundamental rights petition against the special police unit investigating allegations of serious financial crimes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Look like some people are brain washed by rajapaksa maffia. Gotabaya has done something for war. But he has done more damage to the country than victory. We are still struggling to come out.Not only Gota, Many people has contributed to this war victory. People who don’t know the facts must remember that RW is the one who appointed Sarath Fonseka as the commanding officer for Jaffna in 2002 to save the peninsula from terrorists. Rw is the one who used MJ Laucky Algama to eliminate LTTE from east and then separate Karuna Amman. Anuruddha ratwatte did a great job creating LRRP with the help of US to infiltrate and destroy from within. Without all of them it was a dream. People get confused and forgot by the rajapaksa media circus. however what ever verdict they get may not save them from the natural laws of this universe! Wait and see!

    • Completely agree with sapumal. It easy for public to get carried away with all the white wash and turn a blind eye to the truth. You cannot keep the truth hidden for too long; it will surface itself up in due time.

  2. Most serious crime Gota committed was defeating Tamil Tiger Terrorists. So Diaspora will make him a living hell with the support from Yahapalana Government. Corruption was not something new and why not investigate everything; not chasing selected people.

  3. I personally believed Gota. R.. is clean and honest gentlemen .
    He did good Job in as Sectary of Defense and Urban Development Authority. Carry out many important projects by expanded Colombo City after end of war 2009 May.

    He is man of action. Nation must respect and accept man like Gota.R…..Prisons and Jail for criminals and Rogues not for the that Good citizens of any country.

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