Solheim and Mangala hold talks in London

Erik-SolheimFormer Norwegian Peace envoy to Sri Lanka Erik Solheim had talks with Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera in London yesterday.

Solheim told the Colombo Gazette that the informal talks were aimed at sharing experiences on reconciliation related issues.

He said that there were others who had also taken part in the discussions and a statement was expected to be released on the talks later.

The former Norwegian Minister also denied reports that he had facilitated talks between Samaraweera and the Tamil diaspora in London.

The participants at talks being held in the UK on Sri Lanka had yesterday strongly denied reports it had anything to do with the UN human rights report on Sri Lanka or on a political solution to the National issue.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera and Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran were among those in London to have talks with the Tamil diaspora, including the Global Tamil Forum (GTF). (Colombo Gazette)


  1. BUDUN desanakarala thiyenawa nusudussangen aathwenna kiyala . thamun naikaredagena MAWBIMATA thawath winasayak karagannada hadanne…

  2. Mangala, Ranil, Sirisena all did deal under the table with LTTE diaspora to get elected, so now payback time or wont be elected again. So in order to stay in power these guys will sell the Sinhalese down the river.

    Norway might still get oil deal, which was their original intention.

  3. Maithripala, Ranil and Mangala are trying their level best to prevent war crimes trials for the Sinhala military that killed and raped the tamils.

    These modayas commenting here don’t realise that and are writing bullshit here

    • Piranha Aka Antony what faire minded Sri Lankans know as a fact pathetic LTTE stooges likes of you living in the west will never say anything good about any Sinhalese. What ever the name you use on any given day to attack Sinhalese dose not make any difference because LTTE are now defunct. Calling Sinhalese and other writers moday’s only show your lack of intellect. Life for you has become a nightmare for you living in the West that you hate dreaming of glory that never became a reality. Life sucks for you oh! so sad.

      • Dear Len you can make a comment under any name as you wish. I know you are a Westerner or a puppet of the West. You think you can use Tamils to fool billions of Asians, the truth is you can fool Tamils, Sinhalese or Indians, but not Chinese…..

        You think your hands are getting upper in Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean, but the truth is the mighty dragon will comeback and remove your dominant power in Asia by wagging its tail. It can not fail, it should not fail if Asia wants to succeed.

        Tamils are not the only people who have faced discrimination in the world; but they are the only people who have done significant damages to themselves and Sinhalese. For an example; Singaporeans and African Americans faced discrimination, but they didn’t go far as Tamils. Because they valued humanity and loved their motherland. Tamils who took arms led the Sinhalese into war crimes. Tamils would go with anyone to achieve their evil goals. First they went with India, and took up arms against their own countrymen, then they went with the West and turned against the Indians. Sinhalese have no idea what is coming. Trust me, the West knows about the Tamils and their leaders very well. The West has every intention to use the Tamils in Sri Lanka; and also in the Indian Ocean to achieve its interests. Therefore, Sinhalese should not ever think that they are going to live happily ever after since May 2009. If they can brought a Tamil intellectual to a street to please the West surely they would do greater harm to Sinhalese as a tit for tat, and also to please the West.

  4. Are Muslims the secondary citizens.Then why were they not resettled in the north in spite of the fact that all Tamil IDPS were resettled. LLRC report say the Muslims were not considered as IDPS .Hence they were deprived of facilities given to other IDPs by India,UN,NO and by the SL Govt as well. As the result the racist twist their attempt to resttle in Mannar district where there is no Wilpattu

    • Not all Tamil IDPS resettled yet. There are about 25,000 Tamil IDPS yet to be resettled in their own lands in Vali North. Vali North comprising of 10 villages is completely occupied by the Army of 150.000 personnel. The Muslims who were chased out by the LTTE have to be resettled in their own lands. Some are already there. Some do not want to go back. But those who wish to go back have to be resettled. The problem is the army occupation.

  5. Why Managala needs Solheim ?
    He was clearly taking side of Tamil Tigers during his engagement as a facilitator between SL Govt and LTTE during the war.
    He is no use him otherwise as he is a 60 year old man with a family with 4 children.

  6. this traitor is doing things that the Sinhalese majority do not want. He is trying to start another war I wonder how much he is paid by the LTTE. The sooner we get rid of this government the better. GET RID OF THIS UGLY MENACE CALLED MANGALA.

  7. two options, either you licking the boots of white master or you negotiating with LTTE sympathiser, which one ?

  8. Erik Solheim is the only Tamil Tiger Terrorist who did not have a Tamil name. This guy will deny all his wrong doing in the past like any other Tamil Tiger.

    • For most of you anyone who speaks justice and FairPlay are terrorists
      You all should be ashamed of yourself

    • Are we starting to go back to all the failed taks with the terrorists and their backers.This crowd is trying to win the next elections by bending to terrorists.

    • How true, this 2 headed snake called Solheim is still lurking around, he should take all the Tamils to Norway as there is ample land to create ELAM

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