Sobitha Thero says MPs now like frogs

Chairman of the National Movement for a Just Society, Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha TheroChairman of the National Movement for a Just Society, Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero, says members of parliament have come down to the level of frogs in the recent past.

He says the status of an MP has become like a product which can be auctioned at any time.

“They jump from one side to the other. In the morning you find they are on another side,” he said.

He said that under the proposed electoral system the rights for Parliamentarians to switch parties as and when they feel like it, should be abolished.

Sobitha Thero, speaking to reporters in Kandy today, also said that MPs should have qualifications for them to enter Parliament.

He noted that if wildlife officers need to be qualified to work with animals, Parliamentarians should also have certain qualifications.

Sobitha Thero said he hopes the 20th Amendment to the constitution will be approved with the full support of Parliament.

The Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero said he expects the 20th Amendment to be presented in Parliament this week and for Parliament to then be dissolved and elections held. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The biggest frog who jumped from SLFP to UNP is Mathripala Sirisena. That back stabber was supported by Maduluwawe Sobbitha Thera. This thera should stay in temple and preach Buddhism not politics.

  2. This Monk is putting entire Buddhist Clergy into disrepute. He only take emotional issues but give no relevance to issues important to Buddhism or issues of national interest. He has an agenda governed and controlled by an unforeseen force.

  3. Too many Catholic priests and Buddhist monks have engaged in Sri Lankan politics and some have even promoted the election of unpatriotic individuals to the parliament, which has resulted in grinding to a halt many of the major infrastructure development projects, so vital for economic progress..

    • Can you name one catholic priest in the parliament? Have you heard the saying – politics is the refuge of scoundrels and so called patriots who are nothing but racists.

      The problem is the Buddhist monks who are dabbling in politics. Most of them are liars, scoundrels and racists.

      • Piranha
        One need not be popular enough to get elected to the parliament to dabble in politics. There are hoards of Catholic Priests who dabble in politics at all levels though they have not yet contested elections and prefer to act through proxies. For instance people like Rayappu Joseph. Father Emmanuel etc are still carrying on with their false political propaganda within and outside the country, without any shame?

  4. Ven Sobitha thero is correct. H E, M S had a long leap and therefore MPs shall not be blamed for jumping.

  5. Finally M.Sobitha Thera acknowledged many politicians behavior is unacceptable also in his article he mentioned something very important which I always argues when ever I talk with someone about SL politicians sure SL need to elect academically qualified politicians minimum should be GEE AL depend on their subjects they should be given the tasks to become ministers they should have a degree from a reputed university become president and prime minister they should have a PHD many of our politicians are well bellow the standards only educated leaders should represent the people and the country.

  6. Chief Minister Jara-Siri is a good example for a frog. People should not vote for people without proper qualifications as world is different to what we had years ago. Playing cricket or acting in films has become major attraction. Good example is Chief Minister Jayalaitha in Tamilnadu; her behavior is dammaging the good image of India.

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