Government accuses opposition of placing barricades

Lakshman Kiriella (2)The Government today accused the opposition of blocking attempts to establish independent commissions.

Minister of Plantation Industries Lakshman Kiriella said that the country has the opportunity to establish the independent commissions through the constitutional council.

However he said that the opposition has refused to agree on the civil society members nominate to the constitutional council.

If approved, the constitutional council will have the powers to appoint the independent commissions.

Kiriella said that if the constitutional council is agreed on, then one of the independent commissions it will appoint is the police commission.

The Minister said that if the police commission is appointed then it will ensure there is no political interference in the police service.

“Our Government wants to establish the police commission and give the police full independence,” Kiriella said at a function in Kandy today.

Kiriella said that if the police is given full freedom then one can be assured of a better police service in Sri Lanka.

He said that not only the police, but the Government wants to ensure the judiciary and the elections department is also fully independent. (Colombo Gazette)