Committee reviewing ban on diaspora

Mahishini ColonneA committee is reviewing the ban on some diaspora groups and individuals, the Foreign Ministry told the Colombo Gazette.

The former Government had gazetted the listing of the groups and individuals but the new Government said there was a requirement to review the ban in order to take the reconciliation process forward.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mahishini Colonne said that following the Al Qaida terrorist attacks in September 2001, the Security Council of the United Nations, acting under Chapter 7 of its Charter, adopted resolution 1373 on 28 September 2001 which is a wide-ranging comprehensive resolution setting out steps and strategies to combat international terrorism.

The resolution which is binding on all States called on countries, among other steps to be taken, to prevent and suppress the financing of terrorism. On 15 October 1999, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 1267 setting out in particular, measures to be imposed against the Taliban. This resolution and its modifications and subsequent resolutions imposes upon member States of the UN, a series of obligations relating to sanctions measures against entities and persons associated with the Al Qaida or Taliban as designated by the Sanctions Committee of the UN and whose names appear on the ‘consolidated list’ adopted by the Committee.

Sri Lanka, in keeping with its international obligations had duly gazetted regulations to give effect to the provisions of these two resolutions in 2012. This had been done under United Nations Act no 45 of 1968 in Extraordinary Gazette numbers 1758/19 dated 15 May 2012 (referred to as United Nations regulation number 1 of 2012) and 1760/40 dated 31 May 2012 (referred to as United Nations regulation number 2 of 2012.

Colonne said that a review of individuals and entities listed under the above provisions, annually, is essential according to the Gazette and the review process is underway by a Committee. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Just ignore all the diasporas and concentrate with the people living in the country. Listen to the needs of the people in Sri Lanka and do your best to fulfill their needs. Why should the government go abroad to meet these people, tell them to come to Sri lanka and discuss matters.

  2. The drama has started to unfold. The white man is too good for you fools. Sri Lanka doesn’t have leaders. Therefore, all the popular Sri Lankan Universities’ political science department heads must be replaced with intellectuals, preferably by the Singaporean professors. We must encourage young Sri Lankans to study political science and encourage them to become political leaders. The country must come up with a plan to create genuine leaders ASAP. I am not denying Tamils have faced discrimination in Sri Lanka. However, Tamils got off the track and took arms from India to safeguard India in the name of freedom. Later on Tamils followed the West and turned against India and fought against the IPKF. Tamil leaders are fooled by the foreign powers. Still the Tamil politicians are under the grip of New Delhi, and the diaspora leaders are under the grip of the Western powers. Therefore, Tamil leaders will not make any good decision for Tamils or Sinhalese. Under this circumstances the Tamil leaders’ moves must be watched very closely, until we have smart leaders.

  3. Do not open the Pandora’s box again to suit other countries and people with vested interests Countries they ‘help’ are in an absolute mess The worst
    is they can never get out of the mess
    We had peace for 5years

  4. It is heartening to note that the foreign ministry has a
    “white House’ style press briefing once a week and a
    Q & A session. Ms.Colonne should say how many
    questions will be answered during the session and
    name the media reps who would submit the questions.
    and she should have the questions before hand. This pattern should follow every week. and should have ready answers. She is doing a good job but got to
    be a little more firm. The Hon. minister also should
    take a turn when he is in town, if time permits..

  5. There was a Eelam Convention on May 23 & 24th at Dortmund, Germany. It was conducted under the auspicies of Rudrakumaran of TGTE.

    Then what nonsense is this review of Diaspora ban gazetted by the last regime.

    It had been stated there only 300 ltte fighters died at Mullaivaikkal on the final days and that 2700 ltte fighters has escaped with the surrendering people and now taken refuge overseas.

    Very soon they will gather to continue to fight for eelam.
    By all means review BUT beware of offering ladders to the monkies in the process to appease them.

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