No confidence motion on PM handed over

11391205_929505180406292_1643715672037835486_nThe no-confidence motion on Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was handed over to the Parliament Secretary General today.

United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) member of parliament Manusha Nanayakkara said that the no-confidence motion contains the signatures of 11391436_929513257072151_877009993674696818_n112 MPs.

Earlier he had said that 113 MPs were to sign the document.

The no-confidence motion on Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was handed over to Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa yesterday.

Nanayakkara said that, subsequently party leaders of the UPFA met today and discussed the motion.

He said that the UPFA party leaders, including the opposition leader, approved the motion to be handed over to Parliament.

Nanayakkara said that a group of UPFA members then met the Parliament Secretary General this afternoon and handed over the motion to him and he will now take the next step. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. All previous governments including Rajapaksa government is corrupted. There is no way we can exclude any recent president from this category. Sri Lanka needs to progress such as in Rajapaksa regime. First step should be removing Ranil from parliament so Sri Lanka will get its momentum on development back.

  2. Well done. The serial looser can only strike deals to bring him to power. He was PM in 1990’s for 2 years, 2000’s for 2 years and 2010’s for 6 months. He is hoping to go for a world record by being PM for even 1 month in the 2020’s as well.

  3. There is conspiracy against the democratically elected president and his agenda for the nation building. These corrupted and bankrupt politicians are outdated by the people. They have no mandate to continue in the parliament. president must sack these people from the party and dissolve the parliament as soon as possible to obtain a fresh mandate.

    • Dear Sapumal,

      Clearly and succinctly stated except for one little detail: these weak attempts to by-pass the will of the people shouldn’t be taken so seriously as to be referred to as “a conspiracy”.

      For at least forty years now, Members of Parliament were not usually regarded by the people as anything other than parasites. In some instances, this was unfair by the handful of M.Ps who may have been honest. However, now we have got to the stage where very few of those who supported the Rajapaksas will get re-elected. After all, the favourite defence of the Rajapaksas was that “those around the President are to blame.”

      Let’s not be unrealistic; Mahinda Rajapaksa himself will easily get elected either to the Beliatta seat, if it is FPtP, or from the Hambantota Distirct, whatever party he contests from. That family has had a strangle-hold on that part of the country for three-quarters of a century; plus the racist rhetoric won’t boomerang in that area; plus all those resources (“goodies”) poured into that area.

      But elsewhere, there’s just one simple thing that has registered with the majority of voters who don’t usually spend more than ten minutes a day on politics: Maithri is the one person who has voluntarily reduced his powers – the details (that not enough was relinquished) do not matter. And after all, it is true that he was obstructed from going further, although at another level, even he may be quietly happy that he retains formidable powers.

      I feel that what’s been happening recently is that people like us can’t help getting anxious at the seeming stale-mate. That appearance is deceptive. Don’t worry unduly, Maithri is one of the most respected statesman we have in the world.

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