UN to fund accountability process in Lanka

Subinay NandyThe United Nations today said that it is working with Sri Lanka to fund building peace through reconciliation and accountability by addressing the critical core grievances of minorities in an inclusive and consultative manner.

The UN Country team is working with its counterparts – coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – and finalizing an initiative for support from the UN Peacebuilding Fund.

The Peacebuilding Fund will support Sri Lanka, initially with $3 million, to establish and operationalize processes for building peace through reconciliation and accountability by addressing the critical core grievances of minorities in an inclusive and consultative manner.

In particular, with the support of the Fund, the UN is looking at supporting the Government in four areas including through technical support to establish an inclusive and credible domestic mechanism to address human rights violations and accountability and provide redress to victims and conflict affected groups, including families of the missing, in line with international standards.

This was revealed by Subinay Nandy, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Sri Lanka at the Donor Conference on the Comprehensive Policy Framework and Formulation of the Resettlement Action Plan held today.

“We in the UN are encouraged as we continue working closely with the Government of Sri Lanka, and see the consultation today as an important step in part of a longstanding partnership to ensure durable and lasting solutions for all internally displaced persons,” Nandy said.

Nandy said the UN is ready to support the Government in understanding the nature and scale of the issues in Sri Lanka, and to look at joint and innovative solutions. He also said the UN would also encourage the adoption of a coordinated approach by all development partners to maximise aid effectiveness. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. reconciliation between tamils and sinhalas cannot be achieved in a million years. north and east of the country belong to tamils and tamils only. sinhala primitive savages never lived there. their bogus claims that north east belong to them is a load of bollocks. after all majority of the sinhalas are mongrels. 50% of the sinhalas originated from indian convicts and native primitive tribe. the other 50% originated from tamil nadu coastal areas tamils.these people were originally brought by portuguese to catch sardines. the best course of action under the circumstances is to undo the concept of one country. north east should be a separate country for tamils. sinhalas can keep south and the jungles ( useful for swinging on trees).

  2. Accountability on issues of government racism against Tamils, Killing close to 80,000 civilians in a “no fire Zone” , rape and murder by the occupying military and several other genocidal matters should be inquired to make the world know the trruth to bring justice by the UN.

    I read in Daily Mirror, Mr Sumanthiran talking only like a lawyer. The arguments for genocide come from social scince and social justice.

    Adolf Hitler committed genocide of Jews in Germany. Since then, the accepted aspects of genocide of a race or tribe are, rousing up and emotionalising a people against another people with the intention to eliminate them,

    Grabbing the land of an ethnic group, chasinjg away them from their traditional land, miltarily occupying,; subjugating and oppressing a people are some acts done by all the GOSL. They were openly anti-Tamil too.

    Surely there was Genocide for, 60 years because of the continuous intent and actions.

    • I am not denying Tamils have faced discrimination in Sri Lanka. However, Tamils got off the track and took arms from India to safeguard India in the name of freedom. Later on Tamils followed the West and turned against India and fought against the IPKF. Tamil leaders are fooled by the foreign powers. Still the Tamil politicians are under the grip of New Delhi, and the diaspora leaders are under the grip of the Western powers. Therefore, Tamil leaders will not make any good decision for Tamils or Sinhalese. Under this circumstances the Tamil leaders’ moves must be watched very closely. All the popular Sri Lankan Universities’ political department heads must be replaced with intellectuals, preferably by the Singaporean professors and new leaders must be created. The country must come up with a plan to create genuine leaders ASAP, otherwise a disaster is imminent.

    • According to the conservative scholars 100 million people were killed to takeover America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Some scholars had written that about 200 million people were killed. The British never recorded their atrocities, but exposing the Hitler’s atrocities to cover-up their own. I bet Tamils diaspora leaders have no clue about the history of North America and Australasia. If you know little, it is easier to fool you; but if you know a lot it is very hard to fool you,; because knowledge is power.

  3. The West is funding its strategy. Let’s hope, Ranil and the gang won’t be stoned to death by Sinhalese people. The Chinese are dominating the manufacturing sector, and the Indians are dominating the service sector. The Western Countries have lost their economic dominance. The West will continue to use democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance to destabilize the developing countries to rule the world. I kept on writing to the Chinese to lift the game, but they didn’t. The West has been tightening the noose; because of the Rajapaksas’ and the Chinese leaders fail policies.

    China must expand its knowledge base by expanding its educational institutions. China must create intellectuals to compete with the West. As Chinese people get more knowledge China must support creative thinking and innovation. Otherwise the West will continue to undermine Asia by knowledge, innovation and creativity. The last presidential election wasn’t all about the Rajapaksas vs. the other opposition parties. It was all about China vs. India and its Western allies. The Rajapaksa regime would have won the election; if it had more intellectuals and corruption free ministers. Just alone funding the infrastructures in the developing countries is not good enough to dominate Asia or the world. China must encourage smart and corruption free governments in Asia. China hasn’t played a constructive role to equip the Rajapaksa regime with intellectuals; and didn’t do anything to reduce the corruption. That is why China has lost it.

    Furthermore, China has failed to understand the mind-set of Sri Lankans who had been ruled by the West for hundreds of years. The East can’t beat the West by playing this kind of low level politics. China must understand the ideology of the Asians, especially the people of the Indian Subcontinent. China must understand how the West has been playing its game for hundreds of years in Asia. Singapore is a dot in the Asian map, but it has been influenced and controlled by the West; not by China, India or Japan. Asians are in billions yet they can’t even control a dot in their region. It says a lot about Asians; isn’t it?

    China’s ability to understand Asia and its ability to make alliances will secure Asia’s success. In other words China must expand its network in Asia and isolate the West. This is not an easy task; but this will decide Asia’s success or failure. China’s failure is Asia’s failure; we must understand this very clearly. The West has been ruling the world for centuries. There is no comparison in strategy between the West and Asia. I can only hope that Asia will get there one day.

    • Still going on about the West Antony be grateful western country New Zealand given you refuge status and a home . It is interesting that you never write to any New Zealand newspapers of your sad and pathetic views with self grandeur and highly inflated self proclaimed pseudo intellect. Ah you are 101epitome of a hypocrite. Not to long a go that you were berating China because they were supporting Rajapaksa in a another forum. Now you have added anther bow to your character a Turncoat.

      • Fool get your facts right. I wasn’t a refugee in New Zealand. Of course the Five Eyes will never publish the truth and decent writings; because four out five member countries of the Five Eyes do not live in their own country; but took others’ homelands on genocide.

  4. The Ungrateful and Manipulative Tamil ltte has always created problem here and overseas till today.UN should not support or a have anything to do with these mob than Sri Lanka will have a dialogue and everything will go smoothly. Bring back all ltte for war crimes and killings.

    • oi fool , what are you talking about. what do you mean by ungrateful and manipulative. if you sinhala lot have been honest and trustworthy in your dealings there is no need to be manipulative. don’t give me is crap that sinhalas honest and trustworthy people.

  5. UN should not safeguard only the minorities which is divisive to the annoyance of the tolerant majority where the tolerant majority too suffer the same fate, the roth of the politicians and the majority religion that is being used to subjugate and annoy all people in the island.Politicans should be made accountable for terrible misdeeds in the country which is very much prevalent in the suffering third world.

  6. Mr.Subiney Nandy

    You do not know what is happening in the North of Sri lanka. Can you remove the army from North and hand over the private lands to its owners for them to settle in their own lands. There will not be any reconciliation as such unless all the demands of the Tamils are met.

    • I agree, if you mean, private lands of the Muslims, Sinhalese and Tamils who opposed the LTTE, should be handed back to the original owners, who were evicted by the Tamil Tigers and probably given to Mahavir families and illegal Indian Migrants.
      Most Tamils are not with the LTTE and are grateful to the country that provided them a free education in their mother tongue as well as free health services and free rice etc in addition to rescuing them from the LTTE terror.

      • Yes patriot, everyone, whether Sinhalese, Muslims or Tamils should be given back their lands for settlement and compensated as well. Hundred and fifty thousand Army personnel are stationed in Vali North occupying private lands by force which means that they are still at war with the Tamils . The army is cultivating lands which were cultivated by the owners. The army is fishing in Northern waters where fishing was done by the fishermen settled in some areas. The army is doing business in Vali North depriving the Tamils of those areas. The government does not want reconciliation but subjugate the minorities.

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