The Roar by the Lion Artist

Image 2Rhuani Rambukwelle known among many as “The Lion Artist” for her love of the majestic creature and the symbolism it represents in many different spheres will stage her latest exhibition of paintings from the 12th – 14th June 2015 at the Lionel Wendt Gallery from 9am – 8pm.

It all began as a hobby making greeting cards for friends and family. Rhuani then went on to putting her thoughts and visions in to paintings. After her O/L’s, she left Ladies’ College to enhance her talent and soon found herself at Grants Advertising.

Wanting to do more with her gift and following in her grandfather’s footsteps Rhuani opened her Art School “The Hardy Centre of Art” situated at Longden Place, Colombo 7.

Image 8The school is dedicated to the memory of Major Harry Hardy who was an illustrious member of the Trinity College staff from 1930-1950.

Rhuani’s work reflects not only herself but also her surroundings, her beliefs and her passions. This exhibition will feature Rhuani’s work in watercolors, oil paints, and charcoal, pencil, metal as well as acrylic and encaustic paintings.

Displaying a passion for mixing colours with various materials and an experimental mind, Rhuani constantly embarks on new ventures, thus directing her talents and gifts to express life situations of the world around her.  All this will be evident in the paintings that will be on display at her latest exhibition.