US to help Lanka strengthen governance

Richard E. HoaglandThe United States says it plans to do a lot to support Sri Lanka to strengthen its governance, especially its judicial and financial institutions.

Richard E. Hoagland, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs at the US State Department, said hat democratic elections have brought about a sea-change in the relationship the US has with Sri Lanka.

He noted that President Maithripala Sirisena has moved the country away from divisive politics and crony capitalism toward a new path of reconciliation and inclusive development.

“We plan to do a lot to support Sri Lanka’s pursuit of that new path, to strengthen its governance, especially its judicial and financial institutions. This new path will be a boon for the Sri Lankan people, but also for U.S. interests: we can now work together with Sri Lanka to promote good governance and human rights abroad, as well as improve maritime security in the Indian Ocean.” Hoagland said while speaking at the Washington International Business Council.

Hoagland says the US is also working to promote strong trade ties between South Asia and Southeast Asia with an economic corridor that goes from India, through Burma, and on to the southeast. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Any short fall in bad governance in US or any other country is no excuse for us to do the same.Who ever help us to bring good governance should be welcomed.

  2. Sri Lanka has only a Pambya President and Joker Prime Minister so any country can interfere in SL business. These two politicians should be held responsible if USA destroys Sri Lanka.

    • Russia, Germany and Japan couldn’t defeat the West. Do you think Ranil can? Tamil diaspora leaders, Mahinda Rajapaksa and the gang have paid according to their stupidity. Trust me, Ranil will get it in due time. I just can’t wait to see this joker been knocked off from the game 😉

  3. Whole world knows how US Politicians strengthened governance in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other unfortunate countries! US politicians spent trillions of dollars in those countries and those countries are in the verge of destruction. Imagine what could have been done for ordinary people in US with enormous amount of money for their welfare? Now US is trying to approach China, India for money and business. Sri Lankan voters should be cautioned of UNP’s relations with US!

    • The sooner Mahinda and Ranil goes the better. But the question is who can deal with better politics with real sacrifice and honesty? We need a smart decent politician.

  4. US helping towards good governance? This must be the joke of the century. So does that mean Sira has no idea what good governance is? It is more likely they are coming here to manipulate the elections again. US is the worst in the world for abuse of human rights. Not only illegal wars resulting in millions of deaths and destabilising other nations, in their own country police can shoot innocent people at random and get away with it. Large proportion of black people are marginalised, so most beggars on the streets are black. There are areas in this so called super power where people do not have basic living facilities. And don’t forget Guantanamo Bay where people are held like galley slaves over decades without any charge. When will Sri Lankans learn to stop worshipping these unwashed white barbarians?

  5. Nimal, no doubt you are one of those Sri Lanka hating Tamil diaspora. US is now completing the take over of and colonising SL by deceitful means. While Ponil is in power we would not be able to extricate ourselves from this menace. US had no business poking their nose into FIFA either, as they are not a foot balling nation. It is all a farce by the Big Uncle Sam to please their poodle Britain (they are now dancing with joy hoping to hold the world cup, which was given to Russia who they hate).

    • Mel
      Just because I am critical of the way we are governed doesn’t mean that I am a bogus diaspora refugee ? I am no Tamil either but a genuine Sri Lankan who has a interest in the country, helping our people. Perhaps you live abroad, out of touch with the realities in the country. Third world is blighted or cursed with thieving politicians that is undermining the quality of life of the people, the reason why so many wants to settle in West. What is good, that we all want to seek in foreign lands could be created in our own countries where bad governance and corruption is a big obstacle that is now leading to extremist groupsSo anyone who wants to help us to deal with this problem is welcome just as what happened during the Kandyan convention.

  6. US must act just as they have done to officials of FIFA,come to the rescue of the third world by preventing the the world leaders who rob the assets of their countries and investing in the secular West.
    US must also with the well meaning other countries urge the countries of the third world to be more secular,where the Hippocratic leaders live a double life.
    US also must set his own house in order by curbing the gun lobby and have a humane sentencing policy,get rid of the executions and their very inhumane penal system.

  7. I think Sri Lanka should use her own people to enact good governance without getting help from anybody. Why should anybody else know better what good governance is than we ourselves. We have experienced a bad governance for a decade! Besides what can the US offer? It is one of the most corrupt governments in the world!

  8. The US doesn’t have money; but it will continue to fool the others in the name of governance. People who don’t even live in their own countries talking about good governance; funny isn’t it? The West has fooled the Tamil diaspora leaders; Ranil and the gang would be the latest victims 😉

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