No move to evacuate Lankans in Najran

fe488b00-77d4-486c-85cf-0c4bd5d2155fThe Foreign Ministry says there is no immediate move to evacuate Sri Lankans employed in the Saudi Arabian city of Najran.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mahishini Colonne said that officials from the Sri Lankan Consulate in Jeddah had visited several hospitals in the Saudi – Yemen border where Sri Lankans are employed.

She said that the officials have had talks with the management of the hospitals and other companies in the area where Sri Lankans are employed on evacuating Sri Lankans if the need does arise.

However, Colonne said that so far the situation in the Najran province is not tense and does not require the evacuation of Sri Lankans employed in the area.

Press TV reported yesterday that the Yemeni army, backed by popular committees, had carried out several rocket attacks on Saudi military bases in response to the Riyadh regime’s deadly air raids against its neighbor.

According to reports, the rockets fired from Yemen hit several camps and military bases in the southwestern Saudi port city of Jizan.

An air defense base in the Saudi border city of Najran was also targeted by five rockets launched by the Yemeni fighters.

At least 30 Saudis have been killed since the Yemenis started their rocket and mortar raids on Saudi border areas early in May. Several tanks and armored vehicles belonging to the Saudi army were also destroyed in the offensives.

The developments come as the Saudi military presses ahead with its aerial aggression against Yemen, which started on March 26. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We should not export the poor humble people to be exploited by the Gulf states that violate human rights. Shameful for a country to earn money like this.

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