New alliance to focus on estate community

AllianceA new alliance, the Tamil Progressive Alliance, which will focus on the estate community, was launched today with the participation of the political party leaders of the alliance.

The new alliance consists of the Democratic People’s Front led by Mano Ganeshan, National Union of Workers led by Palani Digambaran and Up-country People’s Front led by V. Radhakrishnan.

Ganeshan said that while the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) looks at issues faced by Tamils in the North, there is no one who gives enough focus to the issues faced by the up-country Tamils.

As a result, the three Tamil political parties which have the backing of the up-country Tamils, have decided to form an alliance and work together in future. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. New Tamil alliance ,will created and laid foundation for New Eealm concept by Tamil political parties in Upcountry.
    21st Century Political agenda of Sri lanka that proposed by Minority races, Foreign power and Indian RAW of road map of future Lanka!

    This is another separatist trend of Politics back by Indian RAW.
    1 North -East want Tamils-Eealm
    2 East want Muslims- Jihad
    3 Upcountry want, Tamils mini-Eealm.
    4 UNP want demarcation line of control by Federalist STATE that promised to TNA & TAMIL DIASPORE.
    5 CBK want that eradicated Sinhalese hegomoinism.
    6 Indian BJP -RSS want more than 13 A
    7 US and UK want Federal state..
    Where is Sinhalese Nation has to go and lived?
    Which part of Island that belongs to Sinhalese Buddhist?
    Sinhalese are Only majority in SRI LANKA.
    No Sinhalese land any part of Globe.
    But Tamils are majority which Indian in Tamil Nadu. Muslims are overlap in closed 1.5 Billions believers in every nook and corner of the world.

    This is focusing on survival of geopolitical issues of Sinhalese Nation and their Buddhism.

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