SLC clamps down on suspect bowling action

SLCThe Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) today said that it has taken measures to clamp down on bowlers with a suspect action.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) introduced strict measures to international cricket in the year 2014 in an effort to counter all bowlers who were believed to be having suspect bowling action, playing International Cricket.

At this time SLC, who have also be burdened with this same issue over the years locally, also decided to clamp down on bowlers who were having an unfair advantage in delivering a ball in domestic Club and School Cricket in 2014/15.

The SLC ‘Suspect Bowling Action Review Committee’ then introduced a set of protocols which monitored a bowlers action from first class Cricket to grass root level throughout the Country.

The umpires who officiate in matches were informed to keep an close eye on any such bowlers they would encounter during matches, the umpires then would notify the SLC Umpiring division by officially reporting the bowler at which point pertaining to the SLC protocol the matter was to be further investigated by SLC.

The SLC Coaching Department was given the task of screening the reported bowlers action by way of using high frame Video footage for analysis and then providing SLC with their recommendation in regard to the findings, during the screening process the bowlers also received technical advice & remedial support in an effort to correct deficient bowling actions if detected during the screening.During the 2014/15 local Cricket season as many as 170 bowlers (spin & fast) were reported for suspect bowling actions from Club & School Cricket. The Umpires must be commended for their efforts in this case as 90% of the reported bowlers were clearly identified as to having faulty bowling actions.

A total of 42 bowlers were cleared to bowl after following an intensive remedial bowling program which was tailor-made to suit the individuals bowlers need in an effort to re mediate ones bowling action, periodical assessments was carried out during this period in monitoring the progress of the bowler prior to any form of clearance given while the assessor had to be convinced that the remodeled bowling action was within the legal limitations of the game.

However another reported 128 bowlers still remain suspended from bowling in competition Cricket as the improvements shown by these bowlers has been unsatisfactory, it is also believed that having given sufficient time to this date most of these bowlers will find it difficult to bowl with an legal action & also the effectiveness of a delivery in most cases may be compromised when requesting for clearance taking into consideration the remolded bowling action, this would be a telling factor if one is to be only selected as a bowler in a team he intends playing.