Shiranthi says freezing of funds killed 3 patients

11109559_1462470157379770_4868043220055718893_nFormer First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa told the police Financial Crimes Investigations Department (FCID) today that the freezing of funds to her NGO had resulted in the death of three patients who were receiving assistance through the fund.

Mrs. Rajapaksa gave a statement to the FCID this morning to assist in an investigation concerning ‘Siriliya Saviya’ an NGO run by her.

The FCID was informed that Siriliya Saviya is a charity, an NGO registered with the National Secretariat for Non Governmental Organisations and is financed by local and foreign donations.

Mrs Rajapaksa also stressed that no state funds were utilised in running this organization and that the Carlton Suwa Udana Programme is a part of Siriliya Saviya and was launched with the aim of building a children’s hospital with residential facilities for the mothers who look after their sick children. A fund was being raised for this purpose.

“Mrs Rajapaksa also said in her statement that owing to the freezing of the Siriliya Saviya bank account, she has come to know that three patients who had been receiving financial assistance from the organisation had died,” the office of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said in a statement.

The statement said that political opponents of the Rajapaksa government have alleged that the three individuals including Mrs Shiranthi Rajapaksa, authorised to sign cheques on behalf of Siriliya Saviya had provided ‘false’ national identity card numbers to the People’s Bank Suduwella Branch.

When the bank account was first opened by officials of the organisation a copy of Mrs Shiranthi Rajapaksa’s passport was given to the bank and the other two signatories Mrs K.H.A.N.Jeewani Kumari and Mrs S.K.K.Dissanayake, provided copies of their national identity cards to the bank.

The names and addresses of all three signatories in the bank’s system are correct but an error has obviously been made in entering the identity card numbers into the computer system. Cheques issued by Siriliya Saviya were not signed by non-existent persons. All three authorised signatories are real people who still serve the organisation. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. As the shadow follows us all, inevitably, anney tell us why every known member of the noble Rajapaksha family is ignobly accused of financial frauds? As regards the exPresident is concerned some of his siblins are remanded, others are waging war not to be taken in and even MR and Namal are in a very precarious wicket. Legally and logically perhaps one mayget exonerarted But……. The only explanation is the buddhist paradigm, some other day inevitably “Karmaya Paladey” to the scanvenging cooley and to a King.

  2. How many business persons did you choke to death demanding they pay certain millions to your PSD turned peon and the millions they had to deposit into your People’s Bank account prior to you bulldozing your way with Ministry secretaries demanding that your business contacts turned paymasters be given MOU etc etc?

  3. Any body who serves the poor should not be punished for mere political reasons. Ok speed-up the investigations while allowing anyone to serve the poor.If continues to stop it’s a un-reparable crime by the planners.We never endorse unjust fully these social programs to poor.In the past we saw how people accused wrongfully for such service providers starting from R.Premadasa

  4. The best form of defence is attack ..I wonder who briefed her….some people are as slippery as eels

  5. May be she says the truth in this matter.But I think there are other incidents where state funds were diverted illegally with the connivance of MR as they were all inter-active crooks.
    However it is interesting to note just like in the case of Weerawanse’s wife here too the blame is passed on to the office for entering a wrong ID number! Now was that intentional or unintentional like in Vasu’s foul mouth case?

  6. The money Rajapakses and she took frm poor Sri Lankans, can afford to fund entire helth sector for a generation. They were so smart, nothing in their name.But people make mistakes down the line. Bribery has to be smarter and get the money back to people.

  7. This is another bullshit wild accusation coming to end!
    I hope people will open their eyes to see these vengefull people attacking Rajapakse family out of fear that he would come back!.

    FCID – Political witch hunt unit must be arrested for framing people with false allegations! I hope IGP is talking to attorney general? One day he will have to answer for all these false arrests!

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