Three Tamil parties to decide together

mano-ganeshan-2The Democratic People’s Front (DPF), National Union of Workers (NUW) and the Up-Country People’s Front (UPF) will take a collective decision on the upcoming parliamentary election, The Sunday Leader newspaper reported.

Leader of the DPF Mano Ganesan told The Sunday Leader the NUW led by Minister Palani Digambaran and the UPF led by P Radhakrishnan and DPF have been having discussions related to the decisions that they will make ahead of the general election.

“All three parties will make decisions collectively and all of us will stick together related to the decisions we make on the parliamentary election,” he added.

According to Ganesan, the three parties soon will arrive at a decision on if they are to form an alliance with other parties.


  1. The Tamils from the North and East do not want any representation in the parliament. They are going to boycott the elections as they are not part of it. They do want a referendum to be held from them to decide their fate,

  2. This can be a good move as TNA is behaving crazily and no attention to peace and reconciliation. Also please do not promote Terrorism again so you will be loved by other people too.

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