GTF ready for direct talks on Tamil issues

gtf-spoke-person-suren-surendiranThe Global Tamil Forum (GTF), an influential diaspora group based in London, says it is ready for direct talks with anyone to resolve Tamil issues.

The GTF was responding to a question posed by The Sunday Leader when asked if it willing to have direct talks with the Government on the Tamil issue.

GTF spokesman Suren Surendiran said that the GTF has so far not been invited for any talks in Sri Lanka by the Government.

“No no invitations were received for direct talks, remember GTF is still a proscribed organisation in Sri Lanka,” he added.

The Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, Nomaindiya Mfeketo had a series of meetings with representatives of International Tamil Diaspora organisations from Sri Lanka, including the GTF, in London this week.

Surendiran said that the South Africans were keen to share their own experiences in finding resolutions to the accountability/serving justice question and political issues.

“They didn’t suggest that South Africa could be a mediator between the Government of Sri Lanka and the diaspora. GTF is willing to talk to anyone to resolve the national question. GTF obviously works very closely with the elected members of the Tamil community, the TNA,” Surendiran said.

The South African Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation meanwhile said that Deputy Minister Mfeketo’s engagement with the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora organisations follows her earlier visit to Sri Lanka, where she led an advance and technical team of experts to the country in February 2015.


  1. It is said that majority of TGF are illegal migrants from Sri Lanka who became refugees in many countries by accusing the Sri Lankan Government of “Killing Tamils”. Once they convinced these governments their story; then they run the “Attack Sri Lanka” show and you can see this in Canada, UK, Australia and many more countries. These Terrorist decedents should be banned for talking on Sri Lankan issues. They never had a good faith on Sri Lanka.

  2. there is no need to talk with this bunch of terrorist backers. there are enough elected representatives of the tamil people who represent them. they are the ones who should be talking with government not these bunch of time wasters who do not even live in this country and who are for all intents and purposes are aliens from other countries.

  3. Who are YOU? YOU have no business in Sri Lanka.
    You people funded and propagated ltte terrorism in Sri Lanka.
    You were given an opportunity to talk through Anton Balasingham but YOU and the LTTE blew it away. Now, you have missed the bus.
    What is there to talk. Kindly mind your business closer to your greener pastures.
    BTW, was it GTF money $ 650 million obtained on a foreign bond issue by Arjuna mahendran of the Central Bank a couple of days ago @ 6.2%?
    Are you guys white washing your money through the Ranil/Mahendran nexus????????????

  4. Mr.Surendran!
    What are you going to talk with the Sri Lankan Government. Did the Tamil people in Sri Lanka asked you to do so. What has the Foreign Minister promised you for the GTF to change it mind. The Tamil people wants a referendum to determine their fate. The Army should withdraw from the North initially.

  5. GTF is an appendage of LTTE.We saw during the height of the LTTE attacks how fiercely this guy supported the LTTE and justified the killing of innocent. He came several times on the BBC and other international TV channels like the Channel 4 who were looking for cheap publicity.

    GTF is banned in SL and it should and will stay like that for ever. Sri Lanka is a unitary single nation and there is no room for separatists. They can give up their separatist ideas and join developing the country without talking about a tamil nation. Or else stay wherever you are and leave Sri Lanka alone.

    Tamils are all over the world in India,Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Guyana, Mauritius to name a few. In all these countries they assimilated into the local ethnic groups but not in Sri Lanka. Because there were no strict regulations here unlike there to assimilate or leave.

  6. GTF spokesman Suren Surendiran should first understand that there is no comparison between the the tamil issue in Sri Lanka and the majority Black African people and the minority White Boer community in South Africa.
    The Black majority fought the unelected white minority to rid themselves of the apartheid regime.
    The LTTE Tamil terrorists fronting the Tamil minority waged terrorism against the democratically elected government of S and deserved the annihilation they got in 2009 after 20/30 years of destruction to the nation.
    SL does not need South African advise to sort out our internal affairs.
    Sr Lankans do not need to consider or invite any non-entity actors like GTF in the Tamil Diaspora who were the paymasters and supporters of LTTE terrorism for any talks on anything. Get lost.

  7. Who is GTF? A mob who is based in the USA and in the UK enjoying the luxuries of those countries want to represent a community who is based in down town Sri Lanka. My advice for them is to go back to Sri Lanka and start to live with the people before trying to advice others. It is a pre-historic notion that if you think that one can represent the needs of local community by living 10,000 KM away from the Island. Grow up you arrogant bunch of spoil kids. Start to face the reality. I can mention about 1000 world wide examples as to why this approach of yours will not work. If you want to be a genuine stakeholder give up your life style in the UK and in the USA and face the music with the community.

    • Max,
      You failed to mention that these guys(GTF/TGTE and the like) are all citizens of foreign countries. Just like the arrogant white man, they think only they have the solution. The solution is to prosecute them for crimes committed against the people of Sri Lanka

  8. Few years ago a Canadian social survey institute estimated that Tamil Diaspora and GTF earn almost one billion (1000 million) dollars in an year mainly from drug trafficking in South America through Philippines. As there is no war in Sri Lanka, now they spend the money for something else. Why cannot they spend the money to develop Eastern part of Sri Lanka as it is more fruitful than talking.

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