Government to extend Southern highway

RanilThe Government has decided to go ahead with the initial plan to extend the Southern Highway to Hambantota.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, speaking in Kandy today, said that the Government is having talks with China to fund the project to extend the Southern Highway to Hambantota.

The Southern Highway which connects Colombo to Galle and Colombo to Matara was to be extended to Hambantota as part of the project plan of the former Government.

However the new Government which took office in January this year had decided to review some of the Chinese funded projects following allegations of corruption and lack of transparency when the deals were originally signed.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe however said that the highway projects will continue, with proper procedures being followed.

He said that talks will be held with a Chinese company to go ahead with the third stage of the Outer Circular Highway (OCH 3).

Once completed, the Outer Circular Highway will interconnect the major highways in Sri Lanka.

The Prime Minister said that the Government has also decided to commence work on the Colombo – Kandy highway and as the first stage the highway will be constructed between Colombo and Kurunegala with funding from Japan and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

He also said that the Government has identified several other road networks to be developed.

The Prime Minister also rejected allegations that the new Government is taking political revenge on the former Government by launching investigations into some of the projects.

He said that the investigations are purely to expose corruption in some of the deals and not take political revenge. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Unelected PM of UNP – which is in first time in become in history Parliamentary democracy Sri lanka.
    That is undermined majority democracy since 1948 appoint by MS puppet regime that in minority party of UNP leader of governances , which is that stand, illegal and anti-democracy norms and traditions.

    UNP-Ranil by forcefully occupy PM’s power without right to govern of majority members of Parliament.
    By and large that he forceful occupy PM-Power he has dismantle all ongoing Mega Projects have been start by previous government.
    Indeed is a tragedy of growth and development of Sri Lankan national economy after end of Tamil terrorist war defeated by MR ruling parties 2009 May.
    Large number works lost hundred that thousands of Jobs, as well as many businessmen lost income ; and projects investors has disappointments of confidence an investments. We as nation lost international reputation by UNP-Ranil misdeeds of political decisions back my MS and CBK visionless acts of remain and hang in power by hook or crook.

    All in all UNP-Ranil last 100 days has done impudent damages to National growth and development economy in Sri lanka.

    MS is uneducated man has no knowledge of democracy of ABC of politics ,he is blind on what happen in Island.
    CBK is poor reading of Modern politics of 21th century ,has not deep knowledge current global political-economic situation is outdated.
    Three of them( MS, CBK UNP -Ranil) in real terms of politics has proved that governance of all sectors of politics are not result-oriented.
    Capitalism has change lot ,but it remain better prospect if having realized that knowledge of future progress of system by if leaders having their own cognation and mindset.

  2. get real you jokers. All RW is saying is that the highway will be extended but this time proper procedures will be followed to prevent thievery, corruption and nepotism. Nothing wrong with that and it is comments from you ignoramuses that display the sad state of enlightenment and depravity that the country has descended to due to the previous corrupt regime.

  3. RW had seen the amazing road net work started by MR. He says what a surprise for me. I can remember, he was saying that high ways are good for our grand mothers to dry paddy.

    • You guys are a bunch of jokers!
      All RW is saying is that this time raods will be build according to proper procedures unlike the MR time

  4. Southern Highway was used against Rajapaksa to win the election by Ranil and Sirisena. Now after wasting 4 months “Mahinda Chinthanaya” is coming back. Yahapalana Government has very little value to Sri Lanka as they behave like herd of water buffaloes, not knowing where to go.

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