Geshany Balder: Using art to discover herself

DSC_0356Geshany Balder, a Sri Lankan-born artist, uses art as a means of self-discovery.

She sees each canvas, that she has custom-made herself, as an opportunity to express the fantasy-based imagery that fuels her imagination, inviting you on a journey through her mind. Balder, with family roots in Germany, has studied art in both Europe and Asia. At 27 years old, she has taken the bold step of becoming a full-time artist, committed to creating imagery that evokes new discovery both for herself and the viewer.

Balder’s latest exhibition, which began last week, is based heavily on neo-surrealism, an art form that has grown immensely in popularity due the rise of digital graphic art. Balder’s approach to the canvas this time around is to distort the elements that govern our realities such as space and time.

DSC_0320Taking it a step further, she adds her own creatures, synonymous with those found in Greek mythology and Hinduism, weaving them between organic elements and patterns. The themes of Balder’s art stem from our natural intrigue into the unknown: both interstellar and inter-dimensional. After your initial immersion into the details of each fantasy-based composition, you may find yourself pondering what these beings are thinking as they look at you from the other side of the canvas.

One might say Balder is going through her ‘Blue Period’ when you walk into this mono-toned set of paintings. But the reduction of colour allows one to focus on the intricate details and the contrast she has captured with the dynamic lighting of each element in her composition.

It’s easy to become engrossed in each piece as it confront you, staring you right in the eye, demanding your attention and a response. Geshany Balder has not just gone out on a limb, she has jumped off the edge, not sure what lies below, but willing to take the leap.

Since her first exhibition in Sri Lanka, May 2014, she has done commission based art for: WSO2, China Doll, Clique, Levels as well as several of her fans’ private collections. Balder is one of the inspiring young Sri Lankan women who’s strive for perfecting her craft has earned her much of her success. This up-and-coming new artist is just on the cusp on her wave and we’d be smart to keep an eye on the mark she’ll leave both on the island and in the international art scene.

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