TULF hails move by President to visit Jaffna

veerasingham-anandasangareeThe Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) said that the country as a whole applauds the good gesture of President Maithiripala Srisena for ignoring the protocol and travelling without any Minister to Jaffna to express his sympathies to the family of the girl who was raped and killed recently.

TULF Secretary General V. Anandasangaree said that the incident helped the people to identify President Maithiripala Srisena as the much trustworthy person in whom the Sri Lankan can have faith and confidence.

“Above all, the assurance the President gave the school girls at Vembady and the offer of some assistance to the victim’s family justifies my stand,” he added.

Anandasangaree said that the rape and murder of the girl is perhaps the most heinous crime ever committed in Sri Lanka in the past several years.

“This brutal incident had created history to the extent of the people of all ethnic groups and faiths, people of all walks of life, men women and children of all ages, students of Universities, Technical colleges, Tuition centers and School children all over the country had risen to the occasion and showed their solidarity and resentment in several ways condemning the most wicked acts, of abduction gang rape and brutal murder. The whole world looked surprised unable to believe the manner in which the whole country reacted unitedly irrespective of their ethnic and religious differences,” he said.

He also noted that for all the school girls of Sri Lanka, the victim, Vithya, is like their own sister and now they affectionately refer to her as Acca (big sister). (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Reading the comments of both Point-Pedro and garawi, those of us who know how crafty (slimy?) and power greedy the old man is, I will not put passed him that he wrote them or got his catchers to do so.

    Anandasangaree is a spent force with no vote base, his poor performance in the elections show he no longer has a following.

    Recently he was mourning that TNA had not invited him, and he is keen to get some recognition before he kicks the bucket. Hence in desperation old man is now trying to appease MS .

    A sangaree is dangerous and is keen to undermine TNA.

  2. As a peace loving Sri lankan Tamil living in abroad I too can endorce the comment given by Karavai regarding Mr. Anandasangaree. Mr. Anandasangari is a man of braveness, openness and honour. It’s pity that a man of his calibre could not find a place in present politics in Sri Lanka. President Srisena should think about utilising the services of a very experienced brave tamil politician.

  3. I reiterate that Mr. Anandasangareee should be made a part of the government and given a responsibility to be a part of reconciliation process and an asset.

    Hopefully the President will see how much he can be of a help! The TNA may be against any such move though.But as the president has shown how tough a guy he is mentally by refusing MRa return he can take this decision too!

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