Rudra’s TGTE wants Fonseka investigated

RudraThe Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) led by V Rudrakumaran says it is pleased to hear of former Army Commander, Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka’s interview to The Guardian newspaper that he would welcome a war crimes investigation to prove his innocence for the mass alleged killing of Tamils and rape of Tamil women by the Sri Lankan Security Forces.

“There were no rapes, no torture during my command during the war,” Fonseka said in the interview.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein is to submit his report to the UN Human Rights Council in September about his findings regarding these killings and recommendations for justice.

“We are pleased about Sarath Fonseka’s commitment to answer to these mass killings and rape,” said TGTE’s Minister for International Affairs Manicka Vasagar.

“If he really believes in his innocence, we challenge him to open himself to international investigation. As a first step, we urge him to muster the courage and avail himself to the UN’s Office of Investigation of Sri Lanka (OISL) and cooperate with them”

“We also urge the current President of Sri Lanka Mr. Sirisena, who was the acting defense minister during the final weeks of these killings and rapes, to clarify his position whether he himself is ready to face International war crimes trials to clear his name” Manicka Vasagar added.

The TGTE is conducting a Million Signature Campaign in fifteen languages to “Refer Sri Lanka to International Criminal Court”. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Diaspora Tigers like the failed lawyer Rudrakumaran should be taken to the Hague first for promoting war crimes against innocent civilians in Sri Lanka.

  2. The ‘prime minister’ of TGTE trying to get back into news. The flag behind him shows his true colours

  3. TGTE and LTTE are terrorist organizations. How can this man inviting Gen Fonseka for an interview ? Nobody will answer Rudrakumaran’s questions.

  4. Department of Census & Statistics, SriLanka-Year 2012
    With a total population of 20,263,723, the Sinhalese people; 15,173,820, SriLanka Tamils; 2,270,924 and the Indian Tamils; 842,323. On a percentage basis, Sinhalese strength is 74.88%, SL Tamils 11.21%, and Indian Tamils 4.16%.
    Proportion of Sri Lankan Tamils in the North and East (N&E) to the total numbers in the country
    From the statistics, Sri Lankan Tamil population of 29.66% dwell outside the North and East, and only 43.49% of the Sri Lankan Tamils populate the North. If the Upcountry
    Tamils are merged with the Tamils from the North and Eastern Provinces as a Tamil entity, the percentage of Tamils living outside the North and East is 49 percent.
    231,318 Tamils live in Colombo. 70 per cent of the population of Wellawatte, in the city of Colombo is Tamil.

    No basis for separate state or devolution whatsoever!

  5. Sarath Fonseka is brave enough to face any court, as the charges against the armed forces are fabricated.
    However, is Rudrakumaran and his bunch of pretenders brave enough to face an international investigation on the role they played supporting Prabakaran and other war criminals who committed crimes considered genocide, targeted murders, random mass killings, rape, child soldiers etc?

  6. LTTE was a banned terrorist organization. Everyone who had a link directly or indirectly to them should be investigated first .

  7. TGTE is a Bunch of Tamils who left Sri Lanka or who were working in other countries and entered western countries for economic reasons making use of the situation in Sri Lanka created by Tamil Terrorists in 1980s and now holding US or other western country citizenships. They have no right to speak or act on Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

    • Anybody has the right to question the conduct of the Sinhala military during the war. It is you, being an apologist for the Sinhala military, have no right to question the TGTE or anbody about this. It is very well known how the SL military behaved in times of war and peace in Sri lanka and in their peacekeeping missions abroad over the years. Rapes by the military in the North continued under the Rajapaksa regime even after the war. The truth is coming out at the UNHRC report in September. You just wait, my friend, to see the war criminals and rapists exposed.

  8. rape by security forces? There was an example few weeks ago without army involvement. The world will not listen to your rubbish any more.

    • Joker! Your time was done when MR ousted from power. Just to answer you, if you let the investigation look into these matters….world will come to know the truth? right? so why not allow the investigation? if you have nothing to hide, you should allow and clear your name.

    • Jaya the Goya

      Who raped that innocent girl. Ir was obvious few of your own Tamil Clan. Do not blame Gen Fonseka or Sinhalese for your own problems and uncivilised nature..

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