Police use water cannon on Kotakethana demo

960x540The police used a water cannon to disperse a protest staged in Kotakethana this evening after the protesters blocked the main road in Kahawatte.

Earlier today three people accused over the murder of a mother and her daughter in Kotakethana, Kahawatte in 2012 were acquitted by the Colombo High Court.

The mother and daughter were killed and the house was later set on fire. The victims were identified as U.Premawathi (59) and H. Pushpakumari.

At the time it was the 14th instance where women had been found dead in the Ratnapura area. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Prosecutors have failed.. Was enough evidence traced and placed. People expect Attorney General to Appeal and reopen the case for the sake of justice and dead innocents.

  2. Abusing powers to control people is happening quite often now. Sirisena abused his powers to appoint a Prime minister who did not contest for the post. Then Ranil appointed all corrupted friends to key positions in the current government. Ranil also abused his powers to appoint FCID to harass and take revenge form opponents. So people will get shot by army cannons used soon instead of water cannons.

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