SLFP insists no split, will contest with UPFA

anura-priyadarshana-yapa__The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) today denied reports of a split in the party and insisted that it will contest under the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) at the next election.

SLFP General Secretary Anura Priyadharshana Yapa, speaking to reporters, said that some are attempting to give the impression that there is a split in the SLFP.

However he insisted that the SLFP is united and that all the SLFP members who are now in Parliament will receive nominations to contest the next Parliament elections.

Meanwhile, UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha said that the UPFA has not discussed forming a National Government if it wins the Parliament elections.

Premajayantha said that while the UNP has been saying it wants to form a National Government after the next Parliament polls, the UPFA has not agreed to such an idea. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There is only way to unite SLFP. You need to find root cause for the situation.
    Sirisena is the person created this due to his greediness to power pretending that he is saving the country. Then Chandrika Bandaranayake became the dictator and started taking revenge for party members she did not like. Rajapaksa was the strongest leader in the party but he has been prevented from any party involvement.
    Now, you need to remove the trouble makers to resurrect the party. Ban Chandrika from party and any involvement as she just came to Sri Lanka to take revenge only. Kick Sirisena out of the party as he is in defacto marriage with UNP merely to become President. Just imagine if Sirisena did not betray the party or Chandrika did not involve, would there be a split?

    • Dear Jaya,

      There is much logic in your reasoning. However, my perception is that SLFP unity under Mahinda Rajapaksa was possible only if hegemony of the Rajapaksas throughout the country was accepted.

      It was NOT acceptable to me, and a majority of the electorate of Sri Lanka. Now that the fear psychosis is over, I don’t think that Rajapaksa is any longer “the strongest leader in the party”.

      I know there is a problem for the SLFP, but since I am not a committed party member that is not a problem for me. My final decision on who gets my vote is made at the last moment, but NEVER depends on vacuous short-term promises. I follow all political developments carefully. I’d prefer to vote for the SLFP rather than the U.N.P., but there is much that is yet unclear. At national level the person I most respect is Maithripala Sirisena.

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