Modi focused on addressing Lankan issue

Narendra_ModiIndia’s ruling BJP party says Prime Minister Narendra Modi is focused on addressing the issues faced by Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Muralidhar Rao, national general secretary of the BJP, said that during the past one year since coming to power, the BJP government under Modi had also looked at resolving the fishermen issue involving Sri Lanka and India, the New Indian Express reported.

“He was the first PM to visit Jaffna in Northern Lanka. The Prime Minister made efforts personally for the release of five Tamil Nadu fishermen who faced capital punishment in the island nation,” he said and added that the government was making consistent efforts to resolve the fishermen row with Sri Lanka.

When asked about citizenship status to Lankan Tamils like in the case of Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh, Rao said both were two different issues. In the case of Bangladesh Hindus, they were suppressed of their religious and human rights. But in Lanka, the BJP government was duty bound to get political rights for Tamils there. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. [Tamil leaders don’t have enough knowledge]

    So Antany you are the high intellectual as a Tamil going to show them how is done? You been raving on about so many things and promised to take so many politicians to Haig and then gone a do that gone do this , and teach the Western countries specially the five eye a lesson by training Arabs all this while living in New Zealand a Western country. I see you have moderated your language attacking New Zealand now since I exposed you as a hypocrite living in New Zealand. At least be grateful that New Zealand has given you a safe haven to live. You know what if you have so much against the West this a Idea how do you like to leave the West and go to a Arab country. Oh no you are too bigger hypocrite to do that. Anyone disagrees with you attack them calling a Rajapaksa or Western sympathizer. That’s rich coming from a LTTE sympathizer like you.

  2. Modi of Indian PM has to learn which that Majority Sinhalese are not willing to surrender their national sovereignty to Tamil Nadu state by blessing of Indian BJP political agenda of hegemony of India.

    Is quite obvious that 75 millions of Tamil’s home land is Tamil-Nadu, soli that in Republic of India.

    Sri lanka is homeland of Sinhalese race, disciplined by Buddhist school of thoughts and Lord Buddha’s teaching.
    Who has been expropriation that Tamils home land of Tamil -Nadu in India ? Is that Sinhalese or Indian Ariyans?

    Modi ‘s -BJP nationalist Party agenda want to expanded to their political space Land of Sri lanka.
    Modi could stop interfere the internal politics by re-colonialized Sri lanka.
    The People of majority are NOT that welcome Modi ‘s put his hand on the Tamil issues in Lanka. There is no Tamil homeland in Sri lanka soil.

  3. Tamil leaders are not using India or the West; but India and the West are using Tamils. The Tamil leaders never questioned why New Delhi gave arms to Tamil youths, even through India got independence through nonviolence. Tamil leaders don’t have enough knowledge to understand how the other countries have been dealing with discrimination. The African Americans and Singaporeans haven’t taken arms to deal with discrimination.

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