India not happy with comments by Amaraweera

VikasIndia today said that it is committed to working together with the Government of Sri Lanka to find a mutually acceptable solution to the fishing issue and in this context remarks made by Minister Mahinda Amaraweera this week will not be helpful.

Amaraweera had said that he had refused to agree to a proposal from India to allow Indian fishermen to catch fish in Sri Lankan waters.

The Minister said that India had requested Sri Lanka to allow Indians to catch fish for 65 days a year in Sri Lankan waters in an attempt to resolve the Indo-Lanka fishing issue.

However Amaraweera said that he refused to agree to the proposal which had come through the Indian High Commission in Colombo.

Reacting to this statement, the official Spokesperson and Joint Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vikas Swarup said that India was aware of the reported remarks made by the Sri Lankan Fisheries Minister.

“We also have concerns about Sri Lankan fishermen fishing in Indian waters. Frequently Sri Lankan fishermen are apprehended in our waters. However, we recognise that this is a complex livelihood issue which has a humanitarian dimension. Government attaches utmost importance to the safety and welfare of Indian fishermen. We are committed to working together with the Government of Sri Lanka to find a mutually acceptable solution. In this context, such remarks are not helpful,” Swarup said.

Earlier today Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mahishini Colonne was asked to comment on the statement made by Mahinda Amaraweera but she refused to do so.

She however said that India and Sri Lanka are continuing talks on reaching a solution to the issue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Of course, in this case Amaraweera has taken the right decision. Any sovereign country will not allow anyone to cross the territorial integrity at any cost. If they have a case they can go to international courts to justify their claim.

  2. The assertions presently being made are far too dogmatic. Deep trawling anybody’s sea ought not to be allowed because of the serious long term damage done to the environment.

    This subject is far too serious to be left to a politician like Amaraweera who is the man who said, a few days before the Presidential elections, that we should keep the SLFP in power because their M.P.s had already earned enough corrupt money. A man whose reasoning is so simplistic cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of this question.

    We, Sri Lankans, have to safeguard our interests, but this is a problem that has international dimensions, and there will have to be compromises. As a short-term measure, 65 days a year of conventional fishing in our waters seems a reasonable enough request, provided India understands that it’s favour granted by little Sri Lanka. But no trawlers!

    Let me conclude by stating that these observations come from a guy with no professional knowledge of the subject, but represent what seems to me common sense, and a desire to see lasting peace in the sub-continent.

    • Good and valuble comment by the sinhala man. yes we have to understand the dimension and the nature of this issue. I also think Amaraweera alone cant solve this from our side which experience indian scientists and diplomats now handling from their side. But if we allow them in this slot , what is going to happened to our international matri time boundaries? ( I am asking because I dont know)

  3. Thuggery Queen Jayalaitha is back. Wait for the real game, she will run the fisherman show from here. You cannot forget what she did when she was in power before corruption charges were laid.

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