Fonseka says some crimes took place during war

FonsekaFormer Army Commander, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, says some crimes had taken place during the war but they were not systematic.

During an interview with The Guardian, Fonseka said that his conscience is clear and he would welcome a war crimes investigation to prove his innocence

“The army as a whole, I can give the assurance that we never committed war crimes,” he said.

“There were no rapes, no torture during my command during the war. I know there have been a couple of allegations. But there should not be reason to try to declare war against the media or against the international community. We can clarify it.”

The Guardian reported that to his supporters, Fonseka is a war hero. But to others he is a war criminal. He insists he has a clean conscience.

“My intentions are clear. I did everything in good faith. My job was to save the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the country. I have done it. I did it as per the rules.”

Fonseka also said he no longer harboured ambitions to be president or prime minister. “I am ready to say goodbye to politics at any time. My ambition is not to become president or become prime minister, but to ensure that the country is taken on the right path.” (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sarath Fonseka is a war Hero; although he was the commanding officer during war time with Tamil Tiger Terrorists. Mahinda Rajapaksa is a war criminal; although he was the leader of the country, because he did not listen to some war supporting countries who wanted to keep the war. UN pressure was extremely high during Rajapaksa regime, but War Crime is almost forgotten issue now. What is the difference….. International Terrorism by some countries while they pretending they are saints. Tamil Diaspora votes and their drug syndicate money was paid to many high profile people in those countries to get their support in Geneva. Just imagine, how a country like Sri Lanka would stand up on their own feet? The majority of Sri Lankan voters cannot understand the nature of this invisible powers and how they conspire on small countries. Thank you

  2. If you say, That means the army group led by Gotabaya might have committed a serious crime if your group didn’t do anything. Politically, there is sufficient evidence of claims made against your group which drawn without your attention during war against Eelam Terrorist.

    I think you should allow a limited manpower appointed by President to investigate into alleged war crime in order to clear the history of Sri Lanka as “War Criminal” committed by Rajapaksa government, We should also prosecute anyone who involved in rapist, murdering innocent civilians for no reasons. They should be brought down to JUSTICE..

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