MR says projects suspended for political revenge

mahinda_rajapaksaFormer President Mahinda Rajapakse today accused the government of suspending several development projects in the country as part of political revenge being taken against him.

Rajapakse said that all the projects initiated by his government had been beneficial to the country and the suspension would adversely affect the country’s economy and public.

“My government built highways, airports, ports etc. most of which has now been suspended. I built all this for the sake of the public but the present government has stopped all this for political reasons,” Rajapakse said.

“I even started the Colombo Port City project which the government has suspended saying that it was shrouded in corruption. But this very government a few weeks ago said that the Port City was free from corruption. This is nothing but political revenge,” he added.

Several development projects including a 1.4 billion US dollar Port City project initiated by the former government were suspended by the new Government after it took office. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mega Projects has been an introduce by MR govt. end of war 2009 May ,re-build national economy development and growth that after war tone nation. 30 years of war the country ‘s rods, railways, schools hospitals, homes & libraries have been destroyed; people less or totally access to electricity, water than before the war in Sri lanka.

    The war of 30 years has totally broken our national economic and its growth.. We are urge to seek massive development projects to cater ours nationally needs all communities.

    MR has shifted country priority of Development agenda ,he did very excellent job, and created NEW MODEL OF GROWTH. That is how new massive projects came into being since 2009 May. Progressive and development had created many jobs ,brought direct foreign investments to the whole nation.
    Country has rapid path of growth from north to south ,irrescapcative of races ,casts and creeds ,as assist healthy existence of Democracy as well.

    Is well known fact that capitalist development has no equal share by every nook and corner of People of Society. That is how the unevenness of capitalism in nature; but there was sustainability has been appear in certain areas, in fact it was not quite sufficient .

    By and large the major achievement by MR governances was larger than previous regime and current that MS, UNP-Ranil, and CBK regime.
    Last 125 days has delay and undermine all major projects and lost foreign direct investment and fairly damages ongoing projects by blaming Chinese Investors.

    Is well known fact China has not interest of ours’ domestic politics or having no interest to Navel base or military unit in Sri lanka’s soil.
    China never threaten to ours security or security of India.
    The Govt. of Indian raise nearly US $ 40 billions from Chins last 12 months.
    Why Indian an opposed that Sri lanka raise projects -oriented investments from China? Is that big nation like Indian bullying Sri lank as small nation?
    We as a sovereign nation having every right to development of our national economy.
    That is ours right of economic sovereignty which the people of Sri lanka.

  2. The smart foreign policy is keeping China on the right hand side and keeping India and the West on the left hand side. What is the point in keeping the West and India on the right when they can’t afford to develop the country?

  3. Some Chinese contractors from Southern Highway sold their cement and steel stocks to local villagers at very cheap prices before they left for China for good, as they could not afford to wait indefinitely due to Yahapalana threats. These Projects will be completely stopped soon as it is in the the agenda of Diaspora boys and foreign invisible arms.

    • This is a problem because of Rajapaksa had obtain a loan at high interest. This government did never “halt” the development some of the projects were given a green-light example the lotus tower which came under investigation when it found there was few breach of contract by the constructor company. This kind of projects was cleared to go ahead without any issues.

      But the projects like Port City was stopped due to environmental issues which caused a serious threat to national security by handing the land to the Chinese government. This can be a serious threat to the national security. So the government has to find a way to fix this case. Otherwise the port city’s golden opportunity will be gone.

      • Abraham, go back and listen to what Sirisena said in his election campaign. His script was written by Western powers and endorsed by Tamil Diaspora; Sirisena categorically said that he will stop all these projects immediately; and he did it with flying colours. Also Sirisena said that he will shut down the Colombo Air Port too, to catch his political opponents.

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