Remembering Vithya


State Minister of Children’s Affairs Rosy Senanayake takes a look at an image of young Vithya, who was raped and killed in Jaffna, during an event held in Colombo last evening.


  1. Ministry of Child Affairs why
    To remember a child must it die
    For the living abused Dinithi
    To be released is there no legality ?

  2. On the other hand before security was increased young ladies on their bikes flew around without fear or care.
    Living in a prison is not the answer but education and as far as these criminals are concerned throw at the book at them and also go after the politicians that were giving cover.

  3. Our hearts goes with the family on this sad moment. Please tighten the security again in Jaffna, Please do not remove security personnel from north. We do not need to see another Vithya incident. We faced a lot of difficulties in last 6 years but no security issues in Jaffna.

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