Vasu says word he used was unintentional

vasudevaMember of parliament and veteran left-wing politician Vasudeva Nanayakkara says the use of foul language by him in parliament last week was unintentional.

Speaking to the BBC Sinhala service, Nanayakkara said that the word had come out during a heated exchange between him and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Nanayakkara had called Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe a “pakaya” during the heated exchange of words in Parliament.

This was after the Prime Minister attempted to prevent Nanayakkara from raising a point of order during Parliament proceedings.

“Do you think you can make me sit down? Pakaya,”  Nanayakkara had said.

Nanayakkara told the BBC Sinhala service that he had only reacted to the actions of the Prime Minister.

Asked by the BBC Sinhala service if no one made a request from the Speaker for the word to be removed from the hansard, Nanayakkara said no such request was made. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. That was a slip of the tongue as he is old. He wanted to say “Pakshya (Party) instead he said “Pak,,,,,.
    Unable understand why all these fuss over slip of the tongue

  2. He used it at home, he used it at school and now he used it in the parliament. He is a Mariyakade breed. Let him keep using it, who cares?

  3. True, Vasu used unparliamentary language when he was provoked by the PM, by rudely ordering Vasu to sit down, when Vasu rose to raise a point of order.
    Vasu has now stated it was unintentional, meaning he regret this knee-jerk reaction
    However, the PM too seem to have used unparliamentary language such as “Mey Yakku”, “dried pumpkin”, “shave the beard to grow the brain” etc but all these critics, now abusing Vasu in worst language, seem to be happy with the PM’s childish comments, which is unbecoming of a nation’s PM..

  4. U ar coorect, because of your age ypur brfain is not fuinctioning and you do not know aht you talk, you are waste of public funds, u r not worth a red cent. full of bs.

  5. Media should avoid publishing responses given by this type of politicians and allow them to learn a lesson.

  6. The word u used is meant for a Male. As the person u aimed ur word is less than a man u should have used some other words say something like nap..sakaya.

  7. Vasudeva should withdraw the bad word officially in Parliament and also apologize to PM Ranil Wickremasinghe., That is done thing in a civilized society. The Speaker also should before that give a warning to Vasudeva if he repeats this type of language in Parliament the MP will be suspended from sittings for one week!

  8. All these Children – Chiranjaya Nanayakkara, Sankajaya Nanayakkara, Tharushi Nanayakkara of this disrespected father, will spoil in future. What a shame

  9. ‘UMBA” is also an unparliamentary word I presume.I have observed him using this word too during that exchange.

  10. If you cannot control your mind then what are you? The speaker was very tolerant with you. You should have been suspended from sitting in parliament.

  11. It is time an Independent Presidential Commission was appointed to investigate all of the corrupt deals done by the politicians in the last ten years.Most of these deals would have been done through the use of stooges such as lesser representatives like Pradasheeya Sabha office bearers.The commission must be set up specifically for the politicians and be able to take evidence from the general public of office bearers who have suddenly become rich land owners and businessman including Liquor Licencees for no apparent reason.This will keep people like Vasu occupied rather than using valuable parliamentary debating time for hurling filthy abuse at other peoples’ representatives in our peoples assembly which is meant for only decent people who respect opponents for the simple fact that they too are representing another group of voters and this case the Prime Minister.The person he has actually insulted is not Ranil but the people of Sri Lanka.If he has any morals left in him Vasu will apologies and resign .

  12. Trying by doing f oolish things, by using dirty words in parliament, you or anyone else will not be able to bring any of the rajapaksha family in to power in next election, use your knowledge for the sake of dying srilanka, is it true that MR has given you liquer shop permits for you to be his slave, the whole bunch who are trying to bring MR back are thieves, accept if you have robbed the country, ask for forgiveness, internation audience laughing at all ideots.

  13. vasu is real animal. He help all corrupted politician of the country entire his carrier as MP. this man is feck communist follower while working with people to carry out dirty polities over years. today he is ready to do every dirty thinks against prime minister due to his family hiding motivation. chief minister of north province also does not like prime minister .both are in same family. Vasu is acting according to north province chief minister advice. so this dirty old animal no needs to be in parliament any more. this is the time to clear all garbage from parliament and people must use next election to do this.

  14. Shame on you Vasu ,Shame,,

    What has happened to this man ? I thought he had some principles but ever since the defeat of the man who appointed him to parliament,he has joined Wimal Jarawansa and become like that low life

  15. This man is senile now, “A dried pumpking” he should be out of the Parliament at the next Elections, he served no purpose during his political career but was acting as he was the best politician going

  16. He has gone down to the level of Mervin Silva.
    Now we treat both of them equally. It seems those words are readily available in their vocabulary.

  17. In the past you had my respect now you have lost that & the votes of many Sri Lankans. You need to aplogies openly PM

  18. At last Vasudeva has shown his true colour and breeding. Its time he resigns and moves away from politics. He is a dishonest politician who is trying very had to bring back “Paga Kings” to power. Shameless Vasu is a disgrace to the leftist movements in Sri Lanka. IF he does not resign, the voters should kick him out of politics.We do not need politicians like Stupid Vasudeva.

  19. Pseudo socialist Vasudva Nanayakkara is in his last few days in parliament. He doesn’t know how to speak with other person. Sri Lanka is a country of rich cultural heritage. People are very polite and well mannered. Vasudeva will ever be remembered as a disgraced politician
    Dr M.L.Najimudeen

  20. Unintentional ? The parliament is a place for serious governance! The MPs are representing the people who voted them to power. The MPs have to be responsible people and not anybody who just rattles away unintentionally! They should know what they talk! Take and example of how Ranil reacted to his filth by maitaining his stature and not reverting to the same low level as Vasu!

    Vasu has not done any service to the country for his long representation in the government. He has always been a agitator with no direction. A left over leftist! His best-before-date has passed already. Time to dump!

  21. There should be an upper age limit for M.PP. Hon Nanayakkara wouldn’t have uttered this word some years ago. Also a system of removing the M.PP using unparliamentary terms if they happen to repeat it should be evolved.

  22. For some time, I have been looking for an appropriate name for this man. I am glad that he himself has helped me in that search. Thanks, pakaya.

  23. From my childhod days I know Vasu a respected politician from SAMASAMAGE pakshiya I believe. and you never comes thru peoples mandate I mean peoples vote.

    You always comes thru national lits MP ” PINA MP”

    Last time your behavier in the parliment was ZERO, I think this is your last season in the parliment, once the MY3 GOVERNEMENT desolve, your will never ever elect again thru national list or peoples mandate. then you are be come Retired Hurt.Dry Pumpkin.



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