UPFA to protest if highway is not extended

highway expresswayThe United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) today warned that it will stage street protests if the Colombo – Matara highway is not extended to Beliatta.

UPFA MP Dallas Alahapperuma said that the new Government had promised it will complete the highway projects for 20 percent less than the originally estimated costs.

Alahapperuma however said that while the land for the extension of the Colombo – Matara highway to Beliatta had been acquired, the construction work was at a standstill.

“If this Government does not commence the work on the highway project we will be compelled to join the people of Matara and protest on the highway,” the former Minister said.

Alahapperuma urged President Maithripala Sirisena to push the Government to go ahead with the extension of the highway to Hambantota via Beliatta, which was part of the original plan of the highway project.

The second phase of the Southern Expressway from Pinnaduwa in Galle to Godagama in Matara was declared open by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in March last year.

The Galle to Matara extension costing US$ 180 million was funded by the Exim Bank of China and the former Sri Lankan Government had sought funds from China for the Matara to Hambantota extension as well.

The Southern Expressway extension from Matara to Hambantota was to be done in three stages with the first stage being from Matara to Beliatta (30 km), second stage from Beliatta to Wetiya (26 km) and the last stage from Mattala to Hambantota via Andarawewa (25 km).

However extension work on the expressway from Matara was suspended after the January 8 Presidential elections when the new Government came to power. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. why anyone not try to build expressway to kandy and kurunegala?
    these area not in sri lanka????????????
    all government try to build expressway to hambantota why???
    matara hambantota road and kandy road
    which have high vehicle volume?????????

  2. Please extend the Duplication road up to Ratmalana immediately. This is long overdue. There is unbearable congestion on Galle road.

  3. We are more than POOR! 2005-2014 MRaja increased our deficit by $15000B. this has nothing to do with Western Countries.

  4. Western countries do not like small countries starting development projects. They need poor countries stay poor so the can stay rich. It is unlikely High-Way projects will go ahead.

    • MR did not want the poor people get rich! He wanted them to be poor. So he gave billions to his rich cronies and kept the country poor!
      All projects need to done where it is necessary! When enormous money losing projects are built with massive loans and half the money spent on them are pilfered to the cronies like MR did the country is going to be poor and you too as you are a citizen of this country,I suppose! I can understand people like Wimal,Vasu, MEP and others who will not be elected next time shouting for MR. But the other voters who really haven’t gained by him must be brain dead or stupid not to understand this simple logic. Or they are so brain washed with anti-tamil ( note I said anti-Tamil and not Anti-LTTE, which I am too ) that they cannot think otherwise.They are like the people in North Korea, does not see that there is another side to the coin.
      What is good staying a loyal SLFPer if the leader is corrupt and had ignored the masses favouring the cronies! The roles of the two parties now has changed.UNP is NOT the ‘Unge Neyange Pakshe’ anymore but the SLFP under MR is! So here goes my SLFP loyalties off.I vote for UNP/Sirisena group SLFP at the next election.

    • dulles, you ran away and came back from US, u want the corruption to go ahead which in anyway would not affect your economy and well being, pls. exit from Srilanka and srilankans to decide, you all are hypocrites, robbers.

    • Not necessarily. It’s all about economics. Remember this highway is built as a toll highway with enormous cost. If it incurs heavy losses due to very little traffic it will be a disaster.

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