TNA suspects hidden hand in Jaffna violence

Sritharan_CIThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today raised suspicion of a hidden hand in the violence which erupted in Jaffna last week.

TNA MP S. Sritharan said that the violence took place despite the strong presence of the military and the police.

He also said that individuals with links to military intelligence officers were seen taking part in the protest and resulting violence.

The protest over the rape and murder of a Tamil girl turned violent in Jaffna last week with the mob throwing stones towards the Jaffna court as well as a prison bus and other vehicles.

However Sritharan noted that, strangely, police vehicles in the area were not attacked by the mob. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These TNA Eelamists miserably failed to blame this rape/murder on military when police arrested the real culprits who are also Tamils. Yet these buggers still continue to blame the military shamelessly..

  2. very sorry ,this time you are not in position to make that label to army. look here this dirty culture is a result of your brutal ,terrorist bother in law action not by army.

  3. Definitely yes, there was a hidden hand. Tamil Diaspora was behind all of it. They want to destroy lives of innocent Jaffna people again.

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