Ranil says Mahinda has no chance to return

Mahinda-Ranil-2Prime Minister and United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremesinghe says former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has no chance of returning to power.

Speaking at an event in Kulliyapitiya today, Wickremesinghe said that some members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) have begun to work against President Maithripala Sirisena with the hope that Rajapaksa will return to power.

However Wickremesinghe said that Rajapaksa has no chance to win the next Parliament elections and so he urged the SLFP to work with President Sirisena.

The Prime Minister said that his minority Government was able to achieve a lot thanks to President Maithripala Sirisena.

He noted that President Sirisena continues to have talks with the SLFP members and cements their support for most of the work being done by the Government.

Wickremesinghe also said that while the UNP and the SLFP will contest the Parliament polls separately, he hopes both parties will work together after the election in a National Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tony
    You are living in a dream world.You have just missed the most important point.Today you make all your criticism without fear.
    But under MR did we have the same freedom??
    In Nov last year how many people thought MR could be defeated? But it took only just three months of mobilizing People’s Power and he went home.Now it is time for him to retire not to play school cricket after playing for the National Team.

  2. Now things were different from last 100 days since 2015 January 9th.UNP-Ranil survival is threatened not by
    so-called Chandikara -SLFP supporters ,but by the Mahind Rajapakeas’s of their SLFP supporters and majority public and this felt, is intolerable.
    The Ranil-UNP reverberates with kind of moral outrage, a deep anxiety that a lack Sri lanka resolve might now cede half of Sri lanka to a democracy dictatorship and that such a result would not just be inimical to the interest and values of the Sri lanka, it would be shameful as well. Ranil-UNP in these attempts ,by such means as its prohibition of norms of democracy landing in good goverances in Goverment.

  3. It looks like pot calling the kettle black.Are all who make allegations against MR paragons of virtue?. Haven’t you broken the five precepts in you life? Are you all genuine to find fault others. Bull shit. Correct yourself before despise others.It’s sinful to blame great leaders like MR.

  4. OK Ranil the only way you can stop MR coming back is by arresting him on bogus charges. You are in for some serious turbulence if you do that.

  5. He contradicts himself in the same speech he made. He “hopes” SLFP and UNP will work together. It’s only he who cannot win on his own…

  6. With massive corruption allegations lead by JVP and Patali, MR only lost few votes, only few people in towns fell for these allegations. MR’s 58 lack votes are solid votes received from people who benefited from local development projects. His lost was due N and E votes mainly due to Bodumala Sena’s stand on some issues. Now they are not with him. Also people now seen actual yahapalanaya, seen who actually rules, they know about Chandrika-Rajitha involvement in bringing Ranil and his clowns (who failed during 2001-2004) into power behind yahapalana banner. What chance do these weak, unskilled, unpractical people have against strong MR

  7. Ranilhas no backbone and he had no real supporters .That is the reason he got behind Maithri to get the Priministership.His mouth works faster than his brain .In the next election he will be sure looser.Mahinda followers are already getting there act together as most of the people who voted for Maithri is already getting fed up with this a charm govt.They came into power with anti China anti curruption where have they gone? Supporting China and welcoming Chinese investment as the do gooders of west has no money to fund projects.They only do lip service unlike China.

  8. Ranil. Just think of yourself. You were chosen as the PM against the constitution. As you your party had no majority in the parliament you have to make up things to secure your position by all means. This includes jailing who ever you think is threat your position or putting forward unbelievable things. You may even handover MR to international courts on human right issue. Please give up politics you can never by an executive leader in Sri Lanka . Try somewhere else.

  9. Tony
    Billions have been stolen by so called strong leaders and a few generations to come will have to be paying that back. Saving it from LTTE (with the help of Great General SF) and bankrupting it is not patriotism.

  10. Nonsense. Of the 58 lakhs of votes at least 30% was by coercion and other corrupt methods. In a truly run fair transparent election MR will not receive anywhere near 58 Lakhs.

  11. UNP should have an electoral pact with SLFP and probably with JVP if they want a coalition to win the forthcoming general election. Canada is a good example where two left leaning parties did not want
    a coalition or electoral pact signed in the last general election and the third party crept through to form a majority govt. with only around 1/3 of the votes cast. Ranil has high hopes of winning it alone but should
    do his math correctly.

  12. Look like you giving ‘pabaya’ talk. Can’t you remember mahinda bribe LTTE to boycott election. Gave 500 million so they can attack us. He and his ministers rob from everything and white vans. New government make sure this hora never come back to power.

  13. Ya Ya Ya.. MaRa lost even after using every govt apparatus for his benefit while slinging mud at the those who fed up with him, family the clan, 40+ thieves, and their vulgarity, arrogance, white vans, and corruption. Now the 40+ thieves breath the diyawanna carpets dreaming MaRa Alibaba can save them while MaRa dreaming 40+ thieves will bring him back to the throne. Keep dreaming……

  14. I agree with Tony. I am more and more convinced that there were foreign intelligence working against MR. Sure MR was no saint. But even a corrupt MR is better than traitors who will sell the country to its enemies.

  15. MR has read too much of Robert Mugabe and his greed for power and wealth. Why does this guy yet want to take this country to the laundry.

  16. mahinda is a mixture of hora, mara and pissa, he acted to the galley to conceal the robbery, pls. dont say this 58 lakhs again, he won by 2.5 lakhs by bribing LTTE, what else you all need,do not be fooled.

    • Some idiots are still alive because of MR. Ungrateful citizens will die of another cause although they escaped from LTTE terrorism. Read your horoscope soon to know the cause of your sudden death.

  17. You are wrong. Rajapaksa got 58 lakhs pf votes without representing a party. He can be corrupted, as any other politician in Sri Lanka, but Sri Lanka needs a Leader like Rajapaksa as “Pambaya Type” leaders has no value to Sri Lanka. Finishing the war itself is enough for Mahinda to claim the victory again. People still remember the time that LTTE exploded bombs everywhere.

    • Tony, you are a disgrace to the country. Sri Lanka was identified as a human right violated during the Rajapassa regime. but now Thanks to yahapalanaya. we ‘ve been recognized by Internationaly. what more you need. a Thief and the white van gang! please do not forget the past.

      • If Ranil has a trivial chance of winning, why didn’t he contest as the a presidential candidate last time? You can watch the charismatic power of MR wen he contests next time. It would be the last and final defeat for UNP and this party will disappear from the list of political parties for ever.

    • you are quite right Pambays are desperate Ranil has lost 20odd times he should retire he is banking on the Pambays to come back.

    • I am a UNP. But what Tony said is correct. Ranil’s comment is nonsense. He is a loser and now he stay on the shoulder of Sirisena. Whay he can’t form a UNP government in next election. He knows that if he alone (UNP) they will lose. So he shouldn’t make comments like Weerawanse.

    • 58 lakhs votes won’t make him the difference, there are numbers of people who vote because of party policy. If he contests from a different party than SLFP, he won’t get the 58 lakhs of the vote, Probably 20 lakhs of the vote he may get, The popularity MR is fading slowly because of his misuse of people’s pension funds that led to danger of ordinary people’s future.

      Now there is no way arise of terrorism again, This government still located most of the Army bases in North and East province for security and safety of civilians. None of them is removed or relocated, but some of them has been transferred from civilian zones (or housing zones) to commercial zone to protect the area or monitoring. But the army bases are still surrounded in North Province mostly compared to Western or South province.

    • don’t even think to come back to power mr.wickremasinghe. we all know about arjuna mahendran and the treasury bond issue. We saw how you reacted in biased manner and your so expertised appointees bogus judgment. we need president rajapakse as we can trust him. You always needed solutions from west to run this country. West always want puppet leaders to fulfill all their ambitions. over the years you have cultivated that monopoly and you cant touch the hearts of majority due to this.so pls stay away from politics .Mr. rajapakse got 58 lacks votes last time and see what will happen. don’t day dream. I feel very sorry for president sirisena as he got fooled and trapped to western intelligence.


    • What about Rs15000B deficit between 2005-2014?
      Up to 2005 it was Rs9000B now it is Rs24000B.
      Sounds like you may have some of that money!

    • Wow tony….how could you promote a corrupted man to be your leader, your kids mentor, and this coucountry’s first citizen. MR finished the war and we paid him 10 years of gratitude for that , and he robbed another 10 even from unborn children from this country. yeah go waste your vote tony, I will not .

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