Top cops in Jaffna transferred following violence

police dress_13 copyTop police officers in Jaffna have been transferred with immediate effect, a day after violence broke out between protesters and the police.

According to the police headquarters, the Superintendent of Police (SP), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and the Headquarters Inspector (HQI) of the Jaffna police and the HQI of the Kayts police have been transferred. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Is it a political decision or a penal decision. According to news if the police has been attentive in Kayts, the incident of rape may have never arisen. One thing is certain that Jaffna society has lost its social values due to free foreign remittance. This rape incident is almost more dangerous than the Delhi incident of 2013 which shook the entire Indian governance.

  2. Mr. Dull, you got it right. We put this gov in power and we have the right to give orders. We in the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) make the call of course. You will see more dramatic ones after the election.

  3. I support the decision, because the police forces are not on alert 24/7; they have forgotten the past and started to relax. I was in-front of the Jaffna Hospital on Wednesday morning around 9.30 am. I saw few young people demanding the shop owners to close the shops; particularly they were demanding the pharmacy to close which has been preparing and dispensing drugs for sick people. I asked those young people “who gave you the authority to force the shop owners to close the shops” They didn’t answer, I quickly went to the police and asked the police to arrest those young people; but the police said that they didn’t have the authority to arrest them. If the police would have arrested them in the morning we could have avoided police getting injured and damaging the public properties. People are allowed to express their views; there is no need to close the shops and schools, or getting into violence. The Tamil leaders who backed this protest must answer few serious questions to themselves. Tamil people and the country would have been better off; if the Tamil leaders could have organized a similar protest when Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah, St John’s College principal C E Anandarajah and so many other leaders and intellectuals have been killed, including Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. What about the innocent girl who had been used to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi? Isn’t that innocent girl’s life worth a protest as you did for the girl who had been killed in Pungudutivu?

  4. JADApalanaya is VERY QUICK to punish SL armed forces and police who put their lives at risk EVERYDAY to keep SL as one country……….!!! AS I PREDICTED earlier, Tamil Diaspora Boy seem to have made the call…………hik hik hi…..Folks, do you now see who is ruling Sri Lanka….??? It is Diaspora Boys because they put Ranil-Chandrika-Mangala in power…………WAKE UP !!!

    • Please write sensible comments. Millions of Sinhalese people voted for the new government not diaspora. Even former President Mahinda Rajapaksa made the statement that he regrets, because he didn’t punish the corrupted ministers.

      • Diaspora Boys (in various names, some in Sinhala names) seem to have agitated by my comments. Diaspora boys funneled the money and the necessary mud-slinging campaign for Ranil-Chandrika-Mangala Gov.
        In this day and age, nobody gets overwhelming majority, like 120 millions to 10 votes. There’s enough evidence that Diaspora boys run the gov. Those who doubt, Ranil-Chandrika-Mangala runs the gov. based on the ideology of Diaspora boys’……….they even have agreed to destroy any sinhala monopoly (i dont know what monopoly except Sinhalaya being the majority) and to humiliate SL armed forces who put that fat terrorist in the mud puddle. We all know all countries have a mainstream value system/culture, SL no exception…..IS THAT THE SIN Sinhalaya has committed, being born here and being in the majority in a natural way??? And, all know this number game doesnt mean anything in these economies; sinhalaya are the weakest in spite of they being the majority in head number. Anyway, wits time to chase this bunch to the shores and may be even beyond the shore of sri lanka. SUN GOAT DEAD blame Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa !!

    • You should live in Singapore and learn how they do politics. You do not know how smart Singaporean leaders govern their country, neither prepare to follow their steps. Your President or Prime Minister didn’t attend the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral; because you do not value good leaders. If you don’t value good leaders; you will never become one of them. Mr Lee Kuan Yew is one of the greatest Asian leaders in the 20th century. You can only dream to become like Singapore, but you never will; because your hearts and minds are darker than your skin colour. Do not act like you are smart and wonderful Sinhalese or Tamils; if you are, you would not fight since the independence. Do not live in illusion; but search your hearts and minds, understand your status; and admit you need to change. I spent four weeks here. And I am well aware of your status. The sad news is you do not understand nor admit how much you have fallen. You are the greatest when it comes to fooling yourselves.

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