Ranil instructs CB to furnish details

RanilPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says he has instructed the Central Bank (CB) to furnish details related to financial fraud.

The Prime Minister said that by investigating the allegations into the Governor of the Central Bank, the doors have opened to unearth fraud involving members of the former Government.

He said that the opposition is only pushing for the removal of the Central Bank Governor but not calling for investigations into others accused of corruption or fraud.


  1. UNP-Ranil could take responsibility an appointment of CB Governor first and foremost. By not that mishap by Ranil.W..an appoint non- Sri Lankan citizen to most important position of Central Bank.
    Central Bank is ours life -line of National Economy and development and its growth, the man like Arjuna Mahadnara and ill advice of Praksrasligam has totally created dismantle smooth development last 100 days.

    This fact in reality cannot denied by UNP-Ranil regime has NO sovereignty mandate derived from voters to be run the state of affairs of Sri lanka.

    We as nation valued and practices democracy not that like Tamil Nadu of the DMK or ADMK or Egypt or Singhopern. What ever party comes power to that ruling party has to retain peoples mandate is basic of democracy eligibility of good governances; but UNP-Ranil is minority in Parliament has NOT.

    How can rule out Bond inside trading has been an inversgation by his Party loyalist of -UNP Lawyers be independent and Impartial.
    By and large Ranil W.. has involved most criminal offence in Sri lanka financial history!
    Is crime against People of Poor Tax Payers of Sri lankn citizens.
    This is not that model of ‘ Good Governances’.

  2. GIVEN THE SCALE OF THIS FRAUD, why is this “JADApalana” prime minister ONLY BEATING THE BUSHES leaving the culprits free….??? Ravi, who stood by Ranil with decade long fight with Sajith, WILL NEVER BE PUNISHED by Ranil …….!!!! Is that why all these “shows”……..??? To divert attention and consume time….??? Does this guy show such sluggishness in bringing charges on his political opponents………??? Another POLITICIAN..!

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