MR accuses US, EU of backing regime change

Mahinda_Rajapaksa4_1Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today accused the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) of backing regime change in Sri Lanka.

Rajapaksa said that the US, EU and Britain had often accused his Government of human rights abuses but are blind to the abuses being conducted by the new Government.

“They wanted regime change. Once they put us aside they are very happy,” the former President said at an event in Ampara.

He says the removal of former Chief Justice Mohan Peiris by the new Government was undemocratic but yet the West is silent on the matter.

“When we did things they accused us,” Rajapaksa said.

He said that under his Government a Chief Justice was removed by conducting investigations and obtaining Parliament support while in the case of Mohan Peiris, his office was taken over and he was forced to resign.

Rajapaksa also said that Sri Lanka Freedom Party members have become the target of revenge acts by the Government.

He also refuted allegations made by the Government that he is one of the most richest people around and that he had made money when he was in power.

The former President said that the pro-LTTE diaspora is also involved in some of the unlawful acts being committed against him, his family and members of the former Government.

He says the diaspora promised to take revenge on him for defeating the LTTE six years ago and they are doing that by using the Government which is now in power. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Hey guys MR is not crazy what he says is true people in Srilanka will soon realize what is the truth. Too late then and we will face another war. Just wait and see.

  2. MR considers every thing that is not supporting him as a western conspiracy. This includes, Western countries, BBS, All Muslims and Tamils,

    There will come aday when he suspects even his own shadow to be a conspiracy against him.


  4. Well,the same old repetitive allegation! The west , the west, the west!!
    What’s wrong is not with the west but with you! You and your cronies stole the coffers empty! Heard how Ranil explained the system of stealing 2.7 trillion? Now that 18 billion is very likely is in your name somewhere! You complain that there are allegations but no proof! The government doesn’t have the expertise nor the resources to handle such a large number of corruptions in such a short time! They are colossal and numerous! Just wait and give some more time until all traces are exposed and then you will have to make some serious explanation to the nation before going to the jail!

  5. MR and his supporters all are mental crazy. keep their own toilet dirty and blame the other country peoples and out side. his parliament members all to be sent to mental hospital.MR should send to hanging tree.

  6. What MR says is correct to a certain extent. Foreign Powers are still playing a big roll in SL Politics. For them any Leader is acceptable as long as he acts like a puppet for them. MR’s way of handling the war resulted in victory. He never gave into foreign powers like Ranil W, Chadrika B K, J.R.J.
    But the big mistakes MR did were: Misusing people’s mandate rewarded to in 2010 with about 2.8 million votes by apparently allowing others to play out billion of money, family favourism to an extreme level, grooming his son while senior SLFPers are expecting a chance, going for a 3rd term and more.
    He could have retired like a KING in 2017 had he used people’s mandate wisely during last 10 years.

  7. Do not blame for others for your own stupid things. Whi asked you to hold elections too early. you are stupid.

  8. Have you ever wonder why the Singaporean leaders don’t blame the foreign powers? Because they are smarter than you 😉

    • …..AND SINGAPORE leaders holding and kissing Sudda’s As..s so hard they cant even talk……….Singaporeans a bunch of identity-less rats who are given food and shelter to work for the super-wealthy……95% of the masses are holed up in spaces not bigger than a box of matches…….and working their ass off…….life is good, ah ..???

      • Gamini you wasting your time with Antony don’t you know who he is the man from Asia unite, if any thing he hates more than Sinhalese is Westerners. According to his own writing he has suffered more than MLK Junior and Gandhi he is one of worlds for most intellectuals who brought the western countries to their knees. Ah! by the way he lives in New Zealand yes a western country I know. By the way your own venom towards Singaporean I can understand your suffocating discomfort its a very common symptom seems prevalent and peculiar to some Sri Lankans and its called BIG TIME ENVEY. You know what they say . Envy is compared to taking poison yourself and waiting for your foe to die.

        • Len loves the Indian Subcontinent’s useless democracy, because Singapore media won’t entertain his foolish comments. He has nothing much to say about the article other than attacking the people. He does not what Prime Minister Modi said in South Korea. Prime Minister Modi said that “The 21st century will definitely be the Asian century.” Len must know one thing clearly, the West can isolate Antany Peter and shut down Asia Unites; but Asia will not fall at the white man’s feet.

        • I have been living in Asia since May 2014. If I ever go back to the West I will go back to Australia. Before I land in Australia I will inform to the Chinese and Russians. I haven’t finished what I started in Australia. I am ready for my intense battle with ruthless forces who kill millions to rule others.

          After Australia decided to invade Iraq with the United States; I wrote that Australia can’t afford to go to war while Australia’s backyard is in absolute mess. Four out of seven indigenous kids are damaging their brain by paint and petrol sniffing before they even get into teenage life. Charity begins at home; Australia has a lot to do in the outback before helping the Arabs. Due to my writings I was targeted. Everything has been taken away from me. In 2008 Australia deleted my citizenship and made me alien. Not even one human rights lawyer came forward to help me. This is the power of propaganda of the people who preach democracy and human rights to the world. It took months of intense battle to reinstate my citizenship.

          The Australian government must be held responsible for all of my hardships. The Australian government must understand one thing clearly; it can prolong to deal with its own people’s suffering in the outback, but cannot ignore it forever. The Australian government believes that keeping me in financial hardship; and isolating me from others is the solution for what has been happening in the outback. It is simply wrong, it will backfire on Australia in due time.

    • When you compare Sri lanka to Singapore its orange to apple. Mostly its depend where we locate.

    • And to blame the five eyes as often by the expat Sri Lankans who live in the West . Losers always blame and look for excuses hide their own incompetency while living in the West..

      • You are a bloody fool; if you think that Five Eyes will rule the billions of Asians forever. Asian are not fools as Arabs and Africans. The West’s divide and conquer strategy will come back and haunt them in due time. The Arabs will wake up soon; wait and see what the ISIS will do to them in due time. Time will come the West will beg Asians to save their lives.

  9. Sapumal, don’t think you know MR even remotely. Your bad writing says a lot, in fact your utterances sound more like the diaspora tune. It is crystal clear the diaspora friendly western world manipulated a regime change. Whether MR was good or bad as leader of SL is not what matters now. Problem is what will happen to SL under this ignorant and treacherous yahapalana-yaka.

  10. Sad! You still don’t see that it was corruption, incompetency and abuse of power that brought you down.
    Stop blaming others, learn from your mistakes, correct your self and move forward. If not for you at least for your son who is in politics, so he will not make the same mistakes you did.

  11. I know understand that you’re a better leader for all communities. Sri Lanka needs somebody who promotes traditional buddhist, Hindu, and muslim religions. Under Ranil only evangelical christians and extremist Muslims are promoted while others are suppressed. My whole family going vote for you next time, from Kandy. we did a mistake last time.

    • We need your money as well to develop the country.Bring back all the money deposited in the bank or as properties by your kith and kin + Stooges to Sri Lanka

  12. The reading public understands that whatever MR says
    these days are out of sheer frustration and is directed to
    his SB voters to keep in touch. His “Use Before…” had
    expired on 9-1-15, even astrologically. He is only
    providing fodder to the media…..

  13. Mr. President, Jamapalana and their backers in the US and EU know you have people behind you. We’re very eagerly waiting to chase Ranil-Chandrika-Mangala to the shores and beyond ……..this time !!!

  14. Sri Lanka’s COMPLETE VICTORY OVER terrorists was taken by EU and US as a SLAP on their face……….WE DID it in our own innovative ways…….THEY DONT LIKE THAT………they want EVERYBODY to use their “CLUSTER BOMBS”……instead we used our “deep penetration snipers” to scare the hell out of fat terrorists…….IF WE WON THE WAR using Sudda’s weapons, NONE OF THESE charges would have surfaced……..****ANYWAY*************SUN GOAT Prabha is dead BLAME Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa ******

  15. We kept quiet for months after your defeat and victory over your authoritarian rule. Now you accusing others for your defeat. You have no brain to think as I know you from long time. ( I know you personally) You are the one who should be accuse for your own defeat. Look back what you have done to country and its people. Even your war victory had a big price tag for the country and its people in every corner. It was not only you . You gave only political leadership. What CBK did ? What Rattwatte did before you came to office! Look how you kill people like Lasantha, Ekneligoda. How did you treat people in Rathupaswala! How did win elections? ( Ask from your heart!) How did you treat your kith and kin but not ordinary people? How Sajin vaas and your brothers became billionaires? How did you appoint unsuitable people to responsible positions? How did you chase away Emirates and destroy ” Sri Lankan Airlines”. How Namal baby and your other sons abuse city and its properties belong to people for night races and so on? How Namal baby spend millions for Indian movie stars and festivals? Did people gave you a mandate to do so? Now you are accusing others and trying to destroy the country with your corrupted gang. Now you are directing people like vasideva, and susil to make comments on PM and the govt. to get appointed as PM. That’s what you did in last 10 years. Also you have a secret fact with Jathika Hela Urumaya to spread rumours about ethnic issue. You are taking country and its people for a ride. You have completed your two terms. Now you are in you late ages. Give up and get lost for everyone’s benefit. You are the greediest, ignorant person I have ever seen in world of politics. Learn from the great leaders. Otherwise you will get very sad outcome at the end.

    • kind of stupid comments against MR who is now more popular than before. Guess you would be more sad when he become executive PM

    • You are correct. Even the AJ and CJ department ruined by MR.Even the current Attorney General is taking bribe from MR and preventing GR arrest.

      It will take another 10 years to fix corruption

    • Not sure if you know what happened in Sri Lanka for 30 years. Unless you are a one of these LTTE supporters you must be blind. If you a man and can have children they are now safe anywhere in Sri Lanka. Imagine one of those killed by ruthless killers at LTTE. Currant clown in the government behind and letting LTTE to grow. Parents, children of dead solders who worked to save the country will never stop crying. They will never stop their curse for people like you. So be careful there is a life after this life and they will wait for you.

    • What has happen to the White Van service of yours Mr. M.R.?
      We do need the Financial investigators to get all Rajapaksas and their stooges!

    • Well said my friend, MR’s supporters are really foolish to STILL believe him that he lost by Westerrn conspiracy, EVEN though he greedily called for election before two years more to come. May be his American brothers must have told him, that’s why he is blaming all Americans.
      Why can’t these people see how much waste specially, his family & relatives did to Sri Lanka. Winning the war is OK, but will that allow them to do anything they want in a free country. Oh there is so much to say. Be nuetral and think for the betterment of the country. You can’t allow anyone to be a king, don’t allow ANYONE to degrade your right. You should be able to walk with a high head.

    • Come on Sapumal. YOu are hundred percent correct. He is the greediest for power now to ruin the country.

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