Mangala briefs German Foreign Minister

DSC_0060Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera today met German Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the German Foreign Office in Berlin and briefed him on the progress that Sri Lanka has made since the Presidential election on the 8th of January.

Samaraweera briefed his German counterpart on the steps taken to restore democracy, strengthen institutions, legislative reform, transfer of some of the powers of the Executive Presidency to the Parliament, strengthening rule of law, creating more accountable governance, combating corruption and taking necessary measures for meaningful reconciliation aimed at achieving enduring peace and prosperity for all Sri Lankans.

“We also discussed the new Government’s approach of engaging with the international community including international organizations, the challenges that lie ahead and the ways in which Germany and Sri Lanka can renew cooperation as a result of the developments in Sri Lanka,” Samaraweera said after the meeting.

Germany and Sri Lanka have had diplomatic relations for 62 years. Germany has stood by Sri Lanka throughout and assisted our people in many different ways.

Samaraweera said that the German Technical Training Institute that was originally established in 1959 for example, is a household name in Sri Lanka and the establishment of a new technical training institute in Kilinochchi, in the former conflict affected northern province, is an invaluable contribution to Sri Lanka for which he said Sri Lanka is extremely grateful.

“I am happy that we are able to now intensify cooperation between Sri Lanka and Germany that will help cement our strong ties further. Sri Lanka has long been a paradise for German tourists, and we want to make every effort to now make Sri Lanka a paradise for German investors. With relatively well developed infrastructure and human capital, our immediate priority is to reset the investment climate by making Sri Lanka a secure, efficient and competitive investment destination in South Asia,” Samaraweera said.

Germany is an important trading partner for Sri Lanka and Samaraweera said Sri Lanka wants to see trade between both countries expand further. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Briefing Germans on how Mangala plans to put MR in the gallows ?? SL in great danger.

  2. Invite German Airline to redirect flights to Maththala Air Port. It is the only SL air port that A 380 planes can land.

  3. IS THIS TO EXPLAIN TO GERMANS HOW Ranil-Chandrika-Mangala Gov plan to electrocute Mahinda Rajapaksa ?? This is like inviting your own mother/daughter to be abused by some rouge (we know the character of Western powers). I am sure Mangala will also explain how they plan to do this “after the election” (after fooling moda sinhalayas again….)

    • You bloody Idiot Ameen. Do not ever think that we Sinhalese are fools and idiots. It is that Muslim right throug out the world show that you Muslims are brainless bunch of human beings who contributed nothing but spread hate to the man kind!

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