Vasu calls Ranil a “pakaya” in Parliament

VasudevaParliamentarian and former Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara called Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe a “pakaya” in Parliament today.

This was after the Prime Minister attempted to prevent Nanayakkara from raising a point of order during Parliament proceedings today.

“Do you think you can make me sit down? Pakaya,”  Nanayakkara said.

Nanayakkara accused the Prime Minister of not knowing what a point of order is or what standing orders in Parliament are.

A heated exchange of words then took place between Nanayakkara and the Prime Minister even as the Speaker kept insisting that Nanayakkara should be allowed to speak.

Nanayakkara told the Prime Minister to respect Parliament and he also questioned the Speaker if the Prime Minister can be allowed to behave in such manner.

The Speaker then warned the members of parliament saying students who were watching the proceedings in Parliament will take the behavior of the MPs as an example. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. that old guliver f…. should shoud be dragged to the floor by his beard.. .the old fool should have been outsted immdiatedly from the speaking thru his mouth or from the backside these are vulgar fools whom the voter had sent to parliament. that malicious dinesh crying for power, that gembanpillai labourere ur.. wansa,and this old fool for his height, old fool has no shame. f…. should renamed as vasupakananyakkara.. the speaker no better. why couldn’t he pullout this vulgar aniaml then and there. now f….vocabulary to his excellency president , umba . palayan. is this yahapalana we ask maitripala sirisena.

  2. For us technologists the entire parliament is a joke now. It has become a place to spin money All who go there end up millionaires by all means and walk away with a further pension to live thereafter without having done any worthwhile piece of work; Please prepare to work for a salary that suit your qualifications and experience in accordance with your job market demand

  3. This is typical Yahapalana example. When Gota was accused for owning a hospital he said “I do not have a one” When Mahinda Rajapaksa was accused for having 18billion USD he said “I don’t have a one” Now Ranil is accused for “P******” So Ranil can say “I do not have a one. So problem solved.

  4. Vasu shoukd not have said those ugly words. But Ranil’s recent behaviour in parliament worries me. He has no right to ask others to sit down. He made derogatory comments on many speakers. Quite surprising from the “gentleman in politics”

  5. VN behavior proof with his wards. those people should retire now because this type of members they don’t know what they are doing.

  6. It is disgraceful. He should apologize from the whole nation. I had lot of respect for Vasu the firebrand politician when he started politics . After he had voted for the 18th amendment I lost my respect for him. There is no difference between him and Wimal Weerawansa now. Lajjai.

  7. I would have called Ranil “”torturer or murderer”” Hope the media remembers Ranil running a torture house in 88-91 period.

  8. I don’t condone the use of vulgar words in parliment. Having said that, I cannot help but feel that Ranil got what he deserved!! The tone he used even against Manoganeshan when he ordered him to sit down was very disturbing to say the least. Ranil was never chosen as the prime minister. He is what we call in Sinhala “anunge pahanen eliya balanawa”!!

  9. It shows the frustration and their vision for a dark future of people associated with former supreme power. A man calls another pakkaya, only when he himself is a pakkaya. Vasu still highly respected has come into this stage due to …….. . On the other hand Ranil , the more he defends Mahendran, he is falling into the ditch deeper and deeper. Kattar Aloysius family is a family which is in good books of all political parties in power and they are indirect political chess masters.

  10. What right does this senile character have to speak that way to the PM of our country? He is gettiting a salary from the tax money we pay. Well, he will soon be gone. Good riddance of bad rubbish.

  11. As a Lawyer , Ranil should have followed the Parliamentary Procedure. Ranil should have allowed VN to speak. He did not even listen to the Speaker who was impartial.
    I say at once that that “WORD ” should not have been used at any cost on Ranil, by a grandfather like VN. Its a bad example!
    All politicians must read the BRACEGIRDLE DEBATE of the State Council. As Gamini Seneviratne CCS Retd wrote, the last Statesman of SL(Ceylon) was Sir Don Baron Jayatilake. Some of the young Communists, Samasamajists and set-up politicians vehemently criticized him, unreasonably. Still he maintained a true “Buddhistic Composure” and met each and every argument. The language was so lucid, simple and clean.
    Godage & Co published and Scholar Prof AWP Guruge edited it and Former Speaker WJM Lokubandara wrote the foreword to the writings etc of Sie DBJ.

  12. Mr. Nanayakkara

    A bit of civil behaviour is not difficulty to achieve.

    The word Pakaya can come only from a person living a Pakaya Life and cannot come from a civilised mind.

  13. Vasu Nana is a real dog, he must be sent to hell in next election, not to the Parliament. I am shame as a Srilankan.

  14. This is the typical way the leftist’s talk (he is almost a commie), addressing a person by vulgar names. Mr. Nanayakara, why don’t you hang up your boots and give our Sri Lankan younger generation a chance in politics. You are senile and too old to debate issues.

  15. Unelected PM in parliament behaves as he has won with a big majority. Ranil must realize that he is PM because of Sirisena and the SLFP.

    • My3 would not have been the president if it wasn’t for Ranil & the UNP. Plus the manifesto clearly stated who would become – PM and who would become the – President. No gilmarts – People knew what they voted for – so clearly your argument is invalid.

    • You should know that the PM in Sri Lanka is not elected but selcted. Of course Ranil must realise that he became PM because of Sirisena but the SLFP? That’s where I have my doubts. You mean to say SLFPers voted for Sirisena over Mahinda last January?

      • Well Said… SLFP has nothing to do with Sirisena’s Presidency and Ranil been the prime minister…

    • What a idiot you JO-JO? you must go to hell with Vasu Nana dog. First of you must criticise Vasu dog for his language, shame on you and dog vasu.

  16. It’s a pleasure when thinking of this type of old clowns of the shattered left would be thrown out of the parliament in the coming up General Election.

  17. Why Parliamentarians are behaving like this. Why this bad words are being used. They should behave well. Not to become Rasthiyadu karaya We are sick of this. At the next election people should not select this kind of useless fellows. Enough is enough.

  18. It should have been said like ” PINA PM PAKAYA”..well said WASU..let him out from the POLITICS IN SRI LANKA

    • You should understand this type of behavoiur is defeated and not acceptable in our present day affairs. They are the culprits who stolen our tax payers money and peoples property. People are with PM and the good governance govt . without any hesitation. Lost people like Vasudeva and mahinda gang must take to the justice in coming days. Wait and see. We always welcome PM s comments on present day affairs! Long live peoples goverment!

  19. What a vulgar word to use by a Parliamentarian? People are watching and learning Singhalese. I wonder if Vasu comes from a PAKAYA family? These guys are gone by the time next general election comes up. Voters, please become smart. Good Luck. Jesus loves good people.

    • You are doing the same thing while preaching to others. Stop writing vulgar in public forums.

      Behave like a man!

  20. these animals act like dame way over haft century and now their are on final edge, look like more crazy animals. there do not care student are looking. non of these animals are getting public money for their living work for people or country.

    • Well said. Hunger for lost power and the other hand hunger to retain power. These are all trade marks of political game.

    • Pina was given by the people . What is the other word for voting, it is pina. All MP,s in parliament are due to the pina given by the people.

  21. It shows the caliber of the Parliament and the donkeys we appoint. The minimum is to be civil to each other. Vasudava must be coming for the gutters to behave in this manner. Shame on you donkey!!

    • All these drama just to please the boss, MR! I lost all the respect I had for you Maryakade Man. Shame on you.

  22. Disgraceful language by Vasudeva Pakanayakkara. If this is the type of people we have in the parliament, what do you expect from these idiots. Very poor examples for the younger generation.

  23. UNP-Ranil ..W… act like political dictator .Ranil lost moral and norms of democracy ,after MS won elections 2015 January 9th. UNP anti-democracy role has been enrich and ensure by MS regime and CBK.

  24. This clearly shows the stupidity of so-called peoples’ representatives. What next…….Please go ahead voting for this people forever…..stupid voters.

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