Remembering their sacrifice…


A commemoration for soldiers killed during the war was held at the war heroes Monument near Parliament. More than 2500 family members of soldiers killed during the war participated in the ceremony.

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  1. If not Mihinda Rajapaksa this list would have been four times longer probably will go past ten thousand. Now Mahinda is paying the price for finishing the war, mainly by key weapon manufacturers who lost a big chunk of income as they sold weapons to both sides.
    The names in the list are of Angels.

  2. Sacrifice for what? All for Sirisena to betray the country and take back all the victories ???

  3. Remember with heart and mind not today alone but everyday those who have become part of the Universe by their supreme sacrifice, so that all of us can walk peacefully and joyfully while their immediate family is feeling the pain.

  4. Oh.. No, dont do this…..this is offensive to our sissy minorities in SL…today, they are commemorating their SUN GOAT Prabhakaran……Yes, SUN GOAT dead….BLAME Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa………and Gotabaya…..yeah, even Fonseka (although he is now siding with LTTE)…………

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