Ruwan rejects Mahinda’s claims on LTTE flag

RuwanState Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardena today rejected allegation made by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and a group of opposition Members of Parliament who had stated that the LTTE flag was hoisted in parts of the North at a time when the nation commemorated the sixth year of defeating separatist LTTE terrorism.

The Ministry of Defence quoted Wijewardena as saying that reports received from intelligence agencies stated that no such incident were staged in the Northern or Eastern Provinces. Wijewardena said the rumours are being spread by certain persons with vested interests.

“No incidents of this nature had been reported from the region and this reflects the disapproval of the people of the North and East in the resurgence of terrorism, states the State Minister. He points out that President Maithripala Sirisena in his capacity as the Minister of Defence, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and himself as the State Minister of Defence are committed in ensuring national security and building reconciliation and coexistence among the people. He further states that he regrets the actions of certain sections in misleading the people of the South by spreading false information to attain petty political gains. By spreading such baseless allegations within the country extremist elements,” the statement added.

Wijewardena requested the public to be vigilant about campaigns being carried out by certain social websites using media reports and video clippings of recent LTTE commemorative events held in some countries including south India. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why no action is taken against spreading of lies, specially
    causing racial disunity and and maliciously against the President.
    We have finally got peace and tranquility do not let this be destroyed.

  2. Mr. Deepal, You’ve got one thing right, that is, EELAM a reality. I disagree with you on the timing. I will give 2-3 years. Remember, we created this gov and they obligated first to introduce federal system with full police and land powers; after that, it is up to us to establish EELAM, not you. Is this too soon for you….??

  3. Many including MR & Co are still holding the non-existence and dead tiger’s tail for their petty politics. However, it is true that there are many thousand North and East Tamils living in Europe, USA and Canada are campaigning democratically for Tamil Eelam which was also the LTTE’s goal.

  4. you basted said same thing when our war heroes died in alimankada/mulathew only 20 died by the unp bullshit basted,

  5. Dear Sri Lankans, at last the country has got stability and peace under President Sirisena’s rule, don’t get misled by the tricks of MR and his gang. Give your fullest support to this Government to lead the country towards PEACE AND PROSPERITY !

    • Smells like a diaspora boy; shamelessly coming out here in a sinhala name. Not surprised because this bunch is a shameless breed.

    • People in the top or aiming to to the top post must not make allegations without proof. Similarly they must follow rule of law and set example to the ordinary citizen.

  6. TOMORROW THIS GUY will tell us NO ATTACK on police happened TODAY. Our family members are already feeling the insecure to live in resettled areas in Jaffna. This gov is playing with muslim and sinhala lives while white-washing diaspora controlled activities. Too bad.

  7. Who is JADApalanaya trying to FOOL HERE….??? Moda sinhalaya of course……!!! Those who have doubts, go to Tamilnet and see for yourself and listen to LTTE chatter in the web……..JADApalanaya is trying to cover up all this because an election is coming…..after the election FEDERAL SYSTEM and then diaspora boys will stage protects in days asking for more powers…. and in a year, EELAM will be a reality……

    • Deepal you dont sound as bright as your name suggests.
      Have you forgotten who associated closely with the LTTE hierarchic just before the 2005 electios, and who associated with the deposed LTTE arms smugglers and Cadre after the war. Even elevating one such to the second highest position in the SLFP the revered party of genuine Sri Lankans.

      • To all the diaspora boys (some in sinhala names) **********SUN GOAT Prabha dead BLAME Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa ************
        STOP weeping over SUN GOAT’s demise …….

  8. MR thought and still believe that he can fool us all the time! Only headless morons will forget what damadge he did to our country. He had drag the country backward much more than the LTTE done.

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