Priority for reconciliation says President

Maithripala Sirisena President Maithripala Sirisena says his Government will give priority for reconciliation, six years following the end of the war.

Speaking at the war heroes commemorative event in Matara today, the President said that following the end of the war a lot was done to rebuild damaged infrastructure but not damaged hearts and lives of the people.

He said that while development following the war is important, the development process must go hand-in-hand with reconciliation.

President Sirisena also said that his Government will ensure terrorism does not raise its head in Sri Lanka once again and that a strong National security plan was in place.

Sirisena also said that the role played by the security forces to bring peace to Sri Lanka is priceless and will never be forgotten.

The President also warned the public to be mindful of extremist forces who are attempting to divide the communities in the country.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was President at the time the war ended, did not attend the Matara event and it was reported that he had not been invited.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, former President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka and members of the Government and opposition as well as the diplomatic community attended the Matara event. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There will be no reconciliation until the demands of the Tamils are met. Withdraw the army from Vali North and resettle those people who owns the lands still languishing in camps and without shelter. Will the president live in a camp for a day? Give devolution of power to the Tamils, The war would not have started had the Sinhala government treated the Tamils as equals and given their rights. Conduct a referendum for the Tamil people to determine their fate. It is the people who form a country and the Tamils are part of it.

  2. Mr. President,tamils appreciate your effort to bring peace and harmony between tamils and sinhalese but your must remember one thing that there is no reconciliation without justice.before,seeking reconciliation punish those who carried out the attrocities against the innocent citizens,then you can achieve your goal.

  3. Sirisena, Dont worship like that…..other religious minorities will be offended……..!!! How dare you are to be ignorant of others while talking about reconciliation….!!!

  4. Hope Mahinda Rajapaksa will be the leader of Sri Lanka for next year’s remembrance day. Sri Lanka does not need American puppets as leaders of Sri Lanka.

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