Wigneswaran seeks maximum devolution for Tamils

IMG_0040_FotorNorthern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran today called for maximum devolution for the Tamil speaking people and warned that further delay to do so would change the dimensions of the problem further.

Wigneswaran said that the Government together with the International Community must come to a decision regarding the political aspirations of the Tamil speaking people.

Wigneswaran said this while speaking at an event held in Mullivaikal in the north to commemorate the victims of the final stages of the war.

“The Mullivaikal incident left indelible marks on the collective human conscience of our people. Human rights’ denied, media intervention refused, it was a war without witnesses. International organizations at that time seriously alleged the use of prohibited lethal weapons in the said war. International aid disregarded,  local aid such as food and medicines denied, untruths uttered as to the number of people caught up in the tragic predicament, lives of innocent women, children and infants were sacrificed on this day here in Mullivaikal. Mullivaikal is no doubt a sad historical calamitous incident in our life,” he said.

Wigneswaran said that though International and Tamil organizations have been trying their best to involve the UN Human Rights’ Council to intervene and get justice for the victims of the final stages pf the war, there has not been any positive progress.

“Every time UN Human Rights’ Council  have their meeting and the Tamils on their part expect positive results, ultimately there are only delays and postponements. Delayed justice is denied justice. It is our view that the International Community must do everything within their purview to procure Justice for those innocents who passed away during the last stages of the war.” he said.

Wigneswaran said that it is not punishment only for the perpetrators which the Tamils seek but the truth must be told and that is why the Northern Provincial Council earlier this year passed the Resolution on Genocide unanimously and made the world take note of what has actually happened.

He said that today the environment in Sri Lanka is much more positive and so without delay the country must work towards the all important goal of maximum devolution for the Tamil speaking people. (Colombo Gazette)


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  2. This so called learned judge is nothing but a illiterate racist b……d! He and his family were living in Colombo protected by SL armed forces while we had to suffer 20/30 years of Tamil terrorism (LTTE). Where was the international community during those days? If you want Eelam for your Tamil kith and kin go to Tamil Nadu and dance a jig with jayalaitha.

  3. Now what happened on the last stages of the war is horrible. This kind of separatist inflammatory politics fuelled by stakeholders from the UK, Canada and USA is dangerous. He is basically telling the vulnerable tamil people of the north that the ONLY solution is federalism or separate state. Back to square one.

    Integration is the solution. More should be done by the SL govt to reach out. Nothern Expressway would have been a good move, developing Pallai airport to international standard would have been better. Instead of hosting a buddhist ceremony in Jaffna why not do the opposite.

    Integration is key. SL people need to reach out to their tamil brothers and sisters in their time of need help financially, aid, development and other means. Respect each others customs, religion and belief. Both parties lost so much. Not just wealth, family and loved one. Doesn’t matter if they were LTTE soldiers or not. The past is the past. Forgive and learn from each others mistakes. Educate the community in the North give them hope and opportunities. Show them that it is not race that is the issue its poverty. Doesnt matter if you’re Sinhala, Muslim, Hindu or Beurger poverty is what drives discrimination, fear and anger. Lift the country out of poverty especially the North and the solutions will come about.

    Teach your kids the same thing. Otherwise we will be back to 1983. Please do not mother lanka there again people of SL and our politicians.

    20th amendment would be beneficial. Equal opportunities like India and UK do with regards to jobs, uni places etc would also be useful.

  4. This man should be in a mental Hospital or should be washing toilets. He is in need of a serious brain surgery poor uncle Wigi.
    Your lucky stars only singala people will tolerate you with your idiotic speeches to Tamil people. I see the spots in your face and no brains sir.

  5. You cannot compare SNP with TNA. Scot’s has no place to go other than GB.
    TNA and Tamils(Terrorists), Tamil Nadu is there, if they don’t like Srilanka.
    Live as Srilankans in peace as long as you live in Srilanka. Tamils/Sinhalese or Muslims or other.

  6. This learned and well respected judge has no love for mother Lanka.He is always talking and promoting divisive politics.It is such a shame this type of people are in leadership positions.No one priority now is to make all Sri Lankans feel they belong to this nation and Learn to live side by side in north south east and west.If they elect more Sinhalese parliamentarians to the north I am sure they will work hard to deliver services to the Northern and Eastern people.Current administrations only doing lip services and noting else and promoting divisive politics.

  7. Who the F@#$% is this guy who is trying to tell us how to run our country?? Tamils are no different to the others as we all are SL and need to now forget the single minded bloody war and get on with life. Get Jaffna moving with the past glory. You will get what you want, better infra structure and facilities but not a separated state to kill and rape. Do not forget the war and how it took valuable young lives away for one idiot who was uneducated and power hungry for which you had no choice but to surrender.

  8. this man was in colombo having super laxuury life. poor sinhala and tamil brothers faught and died not only in muulivaikkal but all over sri lanka. MR put a stop to it. now forget past and get on with our lives. if war wasnt ended, today you will attend to funerals of innocent tamil and sinhala civilains all over the country.

  9. Are you going to be second Prabakarran? There is no devolution or separation as you like in this Sri Lanka. Please try it in Tamil Nadu , your motherland.

  10. Here is our man wigi not focusing on the poor and destitute, finding ways of enhancing the economy of the north but doing the easy stuff by condemning the govt.
    Do your job man or resign and hand it over to a person who can.

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