Remembering the end of the war


The military took part in rehearsals in Matara for the military parade to be held on Tuesday to commemorate six years since the end of the war.


  1. This is a “scaled” commemoration with all kinds of conditions set forth by Diaspora boys and is decided to hold at the last moment JUST to fool sinhalayas before the election. ………THIS IS THE LAST COMMEMORATION OF WAR VICTORY OVER EVIL……although the ending of war SAVED DOZENS OF LIVES EVERYDAY………..just imagine who doesnt like saving lives !! ONLY non-human animals !!

    • YES Sir, THIS IS YOUR LAST COMMEMORATION. We made clear to the gov. that once the new gov is formed after the election, no more media shows any part of SL. We let them do this one “as a remembrance day” just make it easy for them to win the election. YES, this is your last “commemoration” of whatever it is. ENJOY !!

  2. Everyone in Sri Lanka should join to celebrate this event. It is not about any ethnic group, as all of us enjoy the freedom in Sri Lanka due the end of war.

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