Prime Minister defends “acharu” Government

DSCF6713Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today defended the policies of the coalition Government which some people say is a “acharu” Government.

Speaking at an event in Walapane, the Prime Minister said that the “acharu” Government has achieved in 100 days what former President Mahinda Rajapaksa could not achieve in five years.

“We have at least reduced the cost of living burden on the people,” he said.

Wickremesinghe noted that President Maithripala Sirisena was elected to power in January in order to bring change to the country.

The Prime Minister says the former President is questioning the failure of the new Government to take some of the development projects forward.

However he says, when questioned, the ordinary public say that while there are new roads and highways they could not make full use of them as the cost of fuel was high.

Now, the Prime Minister says, the public are able to pump full tanks of fuel and travel around since the new Government reduced the cost of fuel.

“This acharu Government filled your bags and your stomach. The Rajapaksa Government filled their bags and their stomoch,” he said.

Wickremesinghe said that what is important is not the development but that the people have money to spend in their hands.

He also said that most development projects, including the construction of roads, will continue by following the proper tender procedures. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What will Ranil and that self declared pundit Harsha do when Oil goes over $100/BBL ? will he ruin the economy by keeping the prices low with subsidies or will he let prices chance with world commodity prices?

  2. We need to have patience. We should appreciate the steps taken by the new coalition to stop corruption, fraud ,nepotism, misuse of the resources of the country and for reducing the cost of living which affected the masses .New outlook, new attitude to treat all cultural groups, ethnicities a like which is crucial if Sri Lanka is to go forward as a nation. In order to achieve this ends we should get rid of the corrupted politicians and have educated intelligent politicians who will not lookafter their personal interests but lookafter the interests of the country and the people. We should teach and train young as well as adults to think and work as a group.

  3. Diaspora boys loitering in the web in sinhala names ARE FORCING OTHERS TO FIND SOLUTIONS TO A NON-EXISTING PROBLEM..? If there’s a problem, it is common for all ethnic/religious groups. I grew up in Colombo as a minority and all our generations long family business (with farmers in N. central and Central provinces) soon became not possible due to war; i know it did not happened to me only, our Sinhala and Tamil competitors also lost their businesses. if one lok at these issues one-by-one, it will be clear that they are mostly not along racial/religious lines. Diaspora boys are now doing a multi-billion dollar buisness and they can afford to buy- governments in SL now; but not sure if these govs that come to power with interest groups money will really serve people’s real issues.

  4. More of these assurances are required from the Top to
    instill what happened to them over a decade of mis-rule.
    The facts stand out. The last dithers of MR regime is
    definitely dying…..

  5. Ranil and Chandrika’s prority now is to establish FEDERAL SYSTEM and to appease their campaign supporters including Diaspora boys; otherwise, Ranil and Chandrika will in big trouble in the coming election… all these other issues are just minor issues for this gov.

    • If good governance is to be good governance, the
      solving of the National Issue is a MUST – let it be by
      ANY name, it is the acceptable solution that is NOT
      forthcoming from the majority, at any level or time.
      This is the 21st century and cannot a solution be found??

    • Do you even know what does the Diaspora means? Ranil is not going to introduce the Federal System, The President has to authorise it unless it requires a referendum to change the whole system and this is not going to be easy task.

    • Power corrupts. Absolute power…… destroys. People have not forgotten the absolute power. What is more dangerous is the power of people closer to absolute power. Rasputin a power closer to absolute power destroyed the former Russian empire.

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